Adrienne Arieff
The Sacred Thread: A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family--Half a World Away
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The Sacred Thread A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family Half a World Away Key Features This book appeals to a wide swath of memoir readers as it covers the fun and hilarity of cross cultural confusion Sarah Macdonald s Holy Cow Rita Golden Gelman s Tales of a Female Nomad
  • Title: The Sacred Thread: A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family--Half a World Away
  • Author: Adrienne Arieff
  • ISBN: 9780307716682
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Key Features This book appeals to a wide swath of memoir readers, as it covers the fun and hilarity of cross cultural confusion Sarah Macdonald s Holy Cow, Rita Golden Gelman s Tales of a Female Nomad , the special grief of so desperately wanting to become a mother Elizabeth McCracken s An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination , and the unique joys of actually becKey Features This book appeals to a wide swath of memoir readers, as it covers the fun and hilarity of cross cultural confusion Sarah Macdonald s Holy Cow, Rita Golden Gelman s Tales of a Female Nomad , the special grief of so desperately wanting to become a mother Elizabeth McCracken s An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination , and the unique joys of actually becoming one Christine Coppa s Rattled , Anne Lamott s Operating Instructions International surrogacy is fraught with complicated questions and considerations Adrienne has heard it all, and she is willing to share and talk about her very personal story About the Book The Sacred Thread An eloquently written, touching, and surprising memoir about one woman s journey to motherhood and family that illustrates the power of love and triumph of the human spirit Adrienne married, 30 something, and childless in San Francisco was eager to start a family, but after having a devastating late term miscarriage, she didn t believe motherhood would ever be possible Half a world away, in a remote village in India, Vaina was happily married with three small children, but had no means to support her family and build a better life for them Poignant, eye opening, and bittersweet, The Sacred Thread is a memoir of the astonishing journey these two young women took to create a family through international surrogacy It is the very personal story of embarking on this process, thereby shedding light on a growing business that is often shrouded in misconception But, important, The Sacred Thread is a tale of immersing oneself in a foreign culture and foreign land becoming part of a group of expectant mothers, bonded by their hope for children, and following them on the euphoric highs and crushing lows of their journey and the development of a deep connection between women who have absolutely nothing in common, except for a shared love of their unborn children About the Author Adrienne Arieff Adrienne Ar
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      Adrienne Arieff

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    1. Colleen says:

      I enjoyed reading about this journey The author does a great job of setting the scene I love to read about India , explaining the surrogate process and pouring in all the emotion that goes along with an infertile woman s journey towards motherhood I have to admit, some of the time, the story felt a little self indulgent Or maybe defensive is a better word I had to take breaks from reading the book, but perhaps that is only because I ve had a similar, but different journey toward motherhood I did [...]

    2. Sabrina Rutter says:

      I was one of the lucky winners of an uncorrected proof copy of this book from the First Reads book giveaways on In this amazing, and emotional story we follow the author Adrienne Arieff on her journey towards becoming a mother She had it all, a great rewarding career, a loving husband with an equally rewarding career, but one thing was missing She decided it was time to become than just husband and wife, it was time to become a family.Adrienne quickly became pregnant She and her husband Alex we [...]

    3. Sara says:

      I was fortunate to win a copy of this book through.This book is the story of how the author is able to become a mother due to International Surrogacy After three awful miscarriages, she travels to India for IVF and a surrogate carries her twin daughters The first part of the book is heartbreaking Tears ran down my face as I read about the author s losses and how terrible it was The book also thoughfully examined the dilemmas involved with international surrogacy is this an exploitation of women [...]

    4. Tricia says:

      The Sacred Thread by Adrienne Arieff is a wonderfully written true story as experienced by the author It is the trials and hardships of trying to have a Child and being unable Adrienne Arieff shows us how she became a Mother through surrogacy outside the United States She shows the many challenges and blessings she experienced as a result of her controversial choices This is a must read for those trying to have a child that have been unable, for whatever reason It offers options and information [...]

    5. Michelle says:

      I really wanted to like this I m sympathetic to infertility stories, so was predisposed to forgive the author when she seemed self indulgent or whiny, and I found the premise of the story interesting, but it was just so poorly written edited that it detracted from my being able to pay attention to just the story A good edit could make this a much better story, getting rid of the disorganization, repetition, errors, factual confusion and general mawkishness.

    6. Jenn says:

      My favorite part of the book, besides her honesty of miscarrying, was the attention she brings to her surrogate, Vaina As a big advocate of birth moms, I think it is important to remember and hold to high esteem, the women who sacrifice their bodies and their hearts for the baby s they love and provide life.

    7. Kela says:

      An interesting look at surrogacy Like many other reviewers, I think Arieff wrote this book not only to convince others the surrogacy program was not exploiting Indian women, but to convince herself as well.

    8. Dorothy Hensel says:

      This is a heartwarming, emotional story that is enjoyable to read.

    9. Carol says:

      The Sacred Thread A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family Half a World Away was entrancing story of finding a gestational surrogate and forming a friendship with her.Adrienne Arieff and her husband Alex had a great marriage but yearned for child to love She struggled through several miscarriages because of fibroids but could not bring a child to term She searched for a surrogacy clinic but found many problems with the ones in the U.S One of them being that you have no guarantee th [...]

    10. Literary Mama says:

      In The Sacred Thread, Adrienne Arieff chooses gestational surrogacy in India At age 36, after three miscarriages and upon receiving news that uterine fibroids would likely preclude a full term pregnancy, Arieff explores surrogacy as an alternate route to motherhood She and her husband Alex research options, consider surrogacy at home in the US, but opt for the Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, India, where their surrogate, a woman from a remote village, will be paid To me this was not exploi [...]

    11. Julie says:

      Adrienne is in her thirties and has been trying to conceive With fibroid tumours she has been unfortunate and had several miscarriages, leaving her and her husband distraught and wondering if they will ever be parents.They discover Dr Nayna Patels fertility and surrogacy service in rural India, and this is where Adrienne travels to in an attempt to find a surrogate for her baby It was an interesting memoir, and I felt that she dealt with the moral and ethical issues fairly For the young mother w [...]

    12. Alexandra Grabbe says:

      Anyone considering international surrogacy would do well to read Adrienne Arieff s memoir The Sacred Thread helped me understand the anguish of women, unable to carry a baby to term, and why anyone would take this route The author chooses a specialized clinic, mentioned on Oprah, in a rural village near the border with Pakistan Arieff communicates the physical shock of being plunked down in the middle of a foreign country but also captures the last minute doubts mothers to be through surrogacy e [...]

    13. Joanna Cabot says:

      This was an engaging and interesting book but ultimately, a little too navel gazing for my taste There was nothing per se that I didn t like about it I just felt it could have had a little heft The author is a clear, articulate writer but she came across as a little self involved in some places, and given the subject matter, I would have liked to see perspective from her husband, and from other people in the story We see everything only through her, and I think that if others had contributed, [...]

    14. Jessica says:

      I loved this book This book inspired me, it made me feel wonderful about being a woman in our country and it made me want to learn I LOVED the way all the women in India came together to help take care of these babies Whenever Adrienne needed help someone was there Affecting me very profoundly however was that these women don t seem to do that for their own I was very bothered by the treatment of the women in India as I read it from a first hand account I was so frustrated when in the end Vaina [...]

    15. Karri says:

      I was a lucky winner of an uncorrected proof copy of this book from the First Reads book giveaways on I thought this was a wonderful book I admire Adrienne s courage and humor This was intensely personal and some heavy subject matter, but she somehow kept it lighthearted There were definitely sad moments, and I can t imagine how difficult the retelling of some events must have been I m one of the very fortunate women, who never struggled with getting pregnant, never suffered the incomprehensible [...]

    16. Kelle says:

      I enjoyed this book as it was different from many that I ve read She hires a surrogate in India to have a child for her and it s about that journey At first I thought it was a wonderful way for both parties to benefit She got twins and the surrogate was paid a significant amount of money to help her family in India And then I started thinking about how this Indian woman had very few options and I felt like she getting taken advantage of By the end of the book, I was also tired of the author s co [...]

    17. Jen Tucker says:

      In all transparency, I was given a copy of this book to review from Get your tissues ready Adrienne Arieff took me on an emotional journey with her that I will never forget in her new book, The Sacred Thread Her memoir captures the raw, and revealing pilgrimage she took to become a mother With her journey leading her half way around the globe, Arieff shares every tear and triumph Her celebrations and heartache will also be yours as you read A beautiful tale of the creation of family, and the imp [...]

    18. Christy says:

      I enjoyed reading this book, but found myself wanting I found it to be of an easy read than I had expected considering the subject matter Instead of a heart wrenching infertility journey, it seemed to be a story of the author defending her choices and even selling the idea of surrogacy in India The story was good, just not what I expected I enjoyed the information on India and their culture In the end the author even stated how she was glad she was experiencing everything in India, not America [...]

    19. Sue says:

      Came across this book quite by accident, and learned of a whole new field in how to become a family Sure I ve known of surrogacy, but such high profile cases were often negative and fueled by judicial systems unsupportive of biological parents This memoir includes the psychosocial experiences of all participants, the international and cultural ramifications, the diverse expectations of women on opposite sides of the earth, and a refreshing optimistic attitude that overcomes much adversity Recomm [...]

    20. Leena says:

      A memoir about an incredible journey to becoming a mother through foreign surrogacy But not at all a well written book, full of cliches and stereotypes about India and Indians I need to count the number of times she used the phrase I felt instantly at home when referring to her first visit to Anand in Gujrat India, or her meetings with Vaina, a poor Indian woman who agreed to carry her babies Her insistence that India and Vaina have taught me to go with the flow is clearly not at all the case th [...]

    21. Irwin says:

      A disclosure The author is my niece But even though I know her well, this book taught me a lot about her and her mettle during a time she suffered several miscarriages and then decided with her husband to seek a surrogate mother in India to carry their child Through the book I learned a lot about surrogacy and India as well as my niece Some of her friends have criticized her, she writes, for paying a woman in a far away land to bear her child But to me, this is a love story, all around, carried [...]

    22. Pam Fullem says:

      This was a book I would recommend It is the story of the author, after struggling with infertility, going through a surrogate in India, to have a child This is an interesting, true story, well written An easy read, that went by quickly The story of how the author interacted with her Indian surrogate and the bond created, despite the language barrier is very touching It is an amazing story of how strong that desire for a child is for many women A interesting story with a happy ending Enjoy

    23. Alisa says:

      Interesting story of a woman s quest to become a mother and her husband to become a father in the face of infertility an infant loss I knew about surrogacy pregnancies, but had no idea how far you could go to do that I loved the parts about India and feeling like I was there I was touched by her descriptions of feelings and what she went through to become a mother Not having had to resort to any drastic measures to become a mother myself, it was that admiring My favorite parts were the descript [...]

    24. Carolyn Thomas says:

      After suffering the heartache of 3 miscarriages, Adrienne Arieff and her husband Alex decide to take the path of surrogacy to parenthood Their choice of a clinic in India might be considered by some to be carrying outsourcing too far but Adrienne answers the questions and criticisms of friends and families deftly However, this is still a thought provoking book when you consider the story not just from the Arieffs point of view but also from that of Vaina, the young woman who eventually gives bir [...]

    25. Nancy Wilson says:

      This book has been on my to read list for a number of years It was recommended to me by a reading group member It is the true account of a woman s desire for a child She has been unable to successfully complete a pregnancy After exhaustive research she and her husband decide to use IVF and a surrogate mother Their best option is a surrogacy agency in India It reads like a very well written journal It is a very detailed account of setting as well as emotions.

    26. Sarah says:

      I found this to be an excellent memoir of one woman s journey of how she chose surrogacy as her method of dealing with infertility The characters leapt off the page along with her marvelous descriptions of her stay in India, however I found her writing to be a bit overly effusive at the end perhaps understandably so I also liked how she dealt with the perception of exploitation she encountered.I read this as part of the First Reads Giveaway.

    27. Melanie says:

      This book was such a wonderful story of how one family journeyed into children I really appreciated how the author didn t focus on her getting to the point of needing a surrogate but rather how her process played out the book was so interesting to me that I couldn t put it down I in fact read it from cover to cover in one day Read this book even if you are not a mother the tale is about not giving up and finding your happiness in whatever however you can.

    28. Jill Robbertze says:

      I really enjoyed this memoir of the unique experience of an American woman who, after several unsuccessful pregnancies makes the life changing decision to use a surrogate in a clinic in a small town in India Adrienne and her surrogate form a very special bond, in spite of the fact that they are from vastly different backgrounds, as they spend time together waiting for the birth.

    29. Audrey says:

      This is a wonderful story about a couple who chose to use a surrogate after many miscarriages However, the surrogate lives in India She talks about her journey traveling back and forth and how she ended up with twins I kind of got sick of reading it half way thru But overall a good story.

    30. Lorraine Bratcher says:

      A wonderful true story of a woman and her road to becoming a mom Very well written It pulled me in and I didn t want the beautiful story to stop I would love to read about the twins as they grow I learned so much about surrogacy and all the emotions and red tape that goes along with it.

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