Claribel Alegría
Luisa in Realityland
May 20, 2019 Comments.. 1000
Luisa in Realityland novel El Salvador tr Darwin Flakoll
  • Title: Luisa in Realityland
  • Author: Claribel Alegría
  • ISBN: 9780915306695
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • novel, El Salvador, tr Darwin Flakoll
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      Claribel Alegría

    1 Blog on “Luisa in Realityland

    1. Nicole G. says:

      This is not a traditional novel vignettes and poetry woven together Some of the poetry was good, and some I didn t like as much I have learned from further reading that most of this book is autobiographical Luisa is the story of a revolutionary childhood in Nicaragua, where ghosts haunt houses with the sound of their slippers, and old ladies help blow up bridges My favorite story was about the dwarf lady.I actually have been carrying this book for many years I purchased it at a library book sal [...]

    2. Kristin says:

      This is an interesting multigenre novel The order of the book and the use of repetition is exquisite I also love the political context El Salvador, Nicaragua, liberation and resistance, etc The only downfall, for me, was that the poetry wasn t exactly great , but in the end it s a difference in taste the poetry wasn t bad, either, just not my style.

    3. Ryan Horricks says:

      Offers a creative perspective on the novel, using short poems and narratives to give a witness to a little girl caught up in a tragic civil war and dictatorship Both hopeful and sad this is a book that can be picked up and read from cover to cover multiple times, or simply set down and perused at your leisure.

    4. Elaine says:

      Though this book is billed as a novel, it is of a collection of poems, essays, short short stories, bits of memory The girl Luisa features in most of them, and so does the history of El Salvador right up to the time when the rivers ran red and old women helped the muchachos blow up bridges.

    5. Sunni says:

      Luisa is loveable and mysterious.

    6. Stephanie says:

      Interesting part poetry, part memoir It tells some very excellent anecdotes, but isn t as similar to Alice in Wonderland as the title might suggest.

    7. Anne says:

      Great Concept I loved the genre mixing For me, the vignettes were a bit too short I got lost and often wanted Though it did tug at my heart strings.

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