Adrian Levy Cathy Scott-Clark
The Meadow
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The Meadow The Meadow charts the fates of ten backpackers taken hostage by Islamic extremists in Kashmir in July It tells of the escape of one hostage the secret letters another wrote and hid in his clothi
  • Title: The Meadow
  • Author: Adrian Levy Cathy Scott-Clark
  • ISBN: 9780007368167
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Meadow charts the fates of ten backpackers taken hostage by Islamic extremists in Kashmir in July 1995 It tells of the escape of one hostage, the secret letters another wrote and hid in his clothing as he contemplated his situation, and how, with a brutal beheading, the kidnappers took an irreversible step into the abyss.
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      Adrian Levy Cathy Scott-Clark

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    1. Ritu says:

      This book was a heartbreaking read The Meadow is an interesting and well researched book It gives a detailed account of the kidnapping of six foreign trekkers in Kashmir in 1995 It also gives the reader a perspective of the politics being played by the India government A look at how if you are a local average citizen from any country and not a Somebody , the countries most often just abandon you and do very little or nothing to help you My heart bled for the Ostro the Norwegian who was beheaded [...]

    2. Anant says:

      The book is able to create a close relationship of the reader with the hostages That is the best part in the book.The authors convey only monochrome view of the Indian Security Forces, and Intelligence Agencies All other organizations involved including the kidnappers were given layered characteristic And I believe that is the weakness and make me feel it is not completely unbiased rendition The bias may be in the thought and not intentional.Even the squad s interminable reach seems less convinc [...]

    3. Kanika says:

      Thoroughly researched and brilliantly written, it s quite a revelation Must read

    4. Ashraf Bhat says:

      The Way To The Meadow A ReviewBy Dr M Ashraf Bhat Kashmir was comprised of secrets, buried so deeply they might never come to the surface Cath in The Meadow Judging from the two dozen odd reviews that it has garnered so far, The Meadow by the British journalists, Adrian Levy Cathy Scott Clark, is quite contentious despite impressive evidence of the very thorough research which has gone into its making My review, however, is different from other such assessments in one significant way the events [...]

    5. Ankit says:

      I read this book just after returning from a trip to Kashmir March, 2017 During my trip, I was taken aback with the military presence around the beautiful Kashmir valley, specially in the town of Anatnag which later I realized was the heart of militancy A lot of the locals I met during my trip felt stifled by the army presence, despised the atrocities committed by the army and blamed the Indian Government for violence brought down in the valley The Army on the other hand considers their interven [...]

    6. Sushender Aiyer says:

      I ve always had a thing for true stories and this was probably the reason I chose this book First and foremost, this book is very well written, the characters involved have been delineated very well, the only quibble would be its crawling pace in the beginning.Nevertheless, my heart goes out to the families involved , ostro, the Norwegian who was beheaded , I just couldn t muster up to think how his family would have felt, an affable person , gregarious and kind in nature , full of life , whose [...]

    7. Ribhu Rathore says:

      Spoilers The book is a page turner aright ,but in the end it is slight of hand It takes time to build the personalities of all the characterless the victims the kidnappers et all but then really quickly in the end blames it all on the Indian army without much evidence, a lot of blame is passed on the indian army without any evidence including the attempted assassination of a BBC journalist and other events.It even takes pains to humanize the kidnappers who beheaded one of thee victims , for whic [...]

    8. Anandraj R says:

      Brilliant book Thoroughly researched and the story has been told in very gripping manner.Kudos to the author for bring out some shocking revelations on how a group of foreign backpackers who had nothing to do with the Kashmir issue were made as pawns in a game of politics between India Pakistan All the allegations assumptions has well supported evidences Later part of this book highlights how the renegades were committing so many atrocities and HR violations with the help of the Indian security [...]

    9. Shahnawaz Haque says:

      Want a first hand account of why the valley cries, read this book.While everyone knows the reason for instability in the valley but counter forces have not been responsible too.There are some sincere officers doing their best to handle kidnapping but everyone else is highly reluctant.The last chapter The Circus have been quite aptly named.Uncovering the mass graves in Kashmir SSP Yatoo says Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead, and I will measure the tender mercy of its people [...]

    10. Rachit Parekh says:

      The real game of thrones Brilliantly researched, well written and connects all the dots This is what investigative writing is about I d recommend this book to any government who s thinking of siding up with shady characters to fight proxy wars Just goes to show how little control we have over the monsters we create.

    11. Matthew Griffiths says:

      This managed to be both a heart breaking and informative read all at once and I cannot recommend it enough for a fascinating portrait both of the situation in Kashmir and the story of the families of those who were kidnapped.The book describes in a tremendous level of detail the story of the real life investigations which took place and left me with a lot to think about with regards the situation in Kashmir, I knew coming into this it was complicated but had no idea that it was quite as complica [...]

    12. Vaibhav Anand says:

      I chanced upon Levy and Scott Clarke s book The Siege a fantastic non fiction thriller about the 26 11 Mumbai terror invasion which led me to explore the author duo s other works Though Deception seemed a juicier story, I was forced to pick up The Meadow since Deception was not available in India Aargh And boy, did the duo not disappoint again The Meadow is a fantastic fly on the wall non fiction account of the 1995 kidnapping of six foreign tourists in Kashmir Levy and Scott Clarke patiently ta [...]

    13. Pamposh says:

      Some shocking revelations about the games all parties groups in Kashmir seem to play with the lives of ordinary people To me, the most shocking things were the cynicism of the State and the inhumanity of many of its representatives Unfortunately, the most important revelations of the book seem to get a little bit lost in the wealth of detail I think it would have had impact if it were a shorter, tightly edited book But that doesn t take away from what it reveals or the evidence it offers to su [...]

    14. Arijit says:

      Though this work maybe the first of its kind I read, I feel this is one of the higher act in investigative journalism.A lot of physical hard work in collecting nuggets of detail can be felt through out the book The story is gripping and full of painful insights and revelation Human nature is disturbing irrespective of physical boundaries, that s all I can conclude after the read.There is no clear separation of black and white Everybody among and around us is Grey Hopelessness and meaninglessness [...]

    15. Pooja Anand says:

      What a brilliant book This is what is investigative journalism A big congratulations for all the hard work and risks taken into joining the dots A must read for an Indian who think it is only Pakistan who is creating havoc in Kashmir, rather it is actually the game of throne, the superiority and shear politics that goes in Kashmir crisis The brutal killings, the mess we ourselves have created in the state And how being a commoner is a crime Had the hostages been some well connected people, they [...]

    16. Anubhav says:

      read it over a weekend recommended for anyone interested in Kashmir v well written and a damning accusation of the state of affairs in Kashmir during the kidnappings of 1995 there are a few heroes everyday people who struggle against all odds finally, the version, while ringing true, suffers as the authors acknowledge from the lack of documented foot notable sources, and with many players, dead.

    17. Manny says:

      Interesting and well researched book which gives a good narrative about the kidnappings of westerners in Kashmir in 1995 It also gives a good political narrative of the various players involved in the entire case.The authors do put in a lot of emphasis on their sources and have given one of the versions of truth where they said that Indian authorities knew what was going on and that the Iqfani Renegades are the ones who actually kill the hostages in the end.

    18. Tariq Engineer says:

      Investigative journalism and its best and most vivid The details in the book are superbly researched and the re telling is as gripping as any thriller It is also a chilling look at the way states operate and how individuals caught in the middle are so often considered to be acceptable collateral damage.

    19. Nikhil Verma says:

      Too much drama makes you start not to believe the author.

    20. Karthik Visweswaran says:

      Hmmmm, could have been dramatized to a lesser extent Maybe my biases did not make the book a convincing enough read

    21. Rohit Sharma says:

      It s one of the best books I have come across A must read.

    22. N says:

      Glimrende bok om kidnappingen av 5 vestlige turister, inkludert en nordmann i Kashmir i 1995.

    23. Amit Raina says:

      Undoubtedly one of the best book on Kashmir and how state, the custodian of human rights can lose its humanity while fighting a war

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