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Jesus: The Evidence
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Jesus The Evidence Reissued for the first Christmas of the new millennium Ian Wilson s best selling update of the latest evidence confirming the truth of the New Testament is now back in print lavishly illustrated an
  • Title: Jesus: The Evidence
  • Author: Ian Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780895262394
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reissued for the first Christmas of the new millennium, Ian Wilson s best selling update of the latest evidence confirming the truth of the New Testament is now back in print, lavishly illustrated, and with a new introduction by the author 200 color photos.
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      Ian Wilson

    1 Blog on “Jesus: The Evidence

    1. Tracey says:

      A really informative book with research that spans thousands of years It looks at the gospels in the Bible but also brings in the Nag Hammadi texts as points of cross reference.There is some incredible historical information in here and a huge amount of photos Has this book in any way answered the question of whether Jesus was an actual verifiable, historical figure For me that answer is yes Did he as is written perform miracles I feel that in some way the answer also is yes, albeit we may not s [...]

    2. Andrea Norton says:

      I found this book in my mom s library and now can t bear to return it Mr Wilson does a fantastic job being unbiased and presenting just the facts To add to that positive, he does it in a way that even a novice can understand The major plus of this book is that he adds photos this quality is so helpful when studying Jesus or anything in the line of biblical history.I walked away with a mind full of new information, a new favorite book and an author that I love If you are looking to read about the [...]

    3. Joe says:

      In my spiritual journey, I have been interested in some of the history behind my Christian faith I feel that Wilson has given the reader A GOOD STARTING POINT in this area Although I question some of his conclusions, I found that he covered the questions I believe most Christians often ask themselves How accurate are the documents Are the Gospels infallible Did Jesus exist Jesus was a Jew, Why was Jesus killed and many other interesting questions His use of archaeology, history, anthropology is [...]

    4. Dominic says:

      c 1984 but I liked the fact that there are older pictures of locations that no longer resemble how modern day appears Great start for anyone that is researching archaeological locations associated with Jesus life Also covers some currency along with Roman Judaic traditions of the time as well Ian Wilson also wrote a pretty informative book on the Shroud of Turin for anyone who wants to explore the topic.

    5. John says:

      Not sure I agree with the idea that Jesus may have practiced hypnosis to perform some of the miracles in the Gospels, but overall an interesting examination of some of the historical evidence of early Christianity.

    6. Rudolph P. Boshoff says:

      This book is a companion reader to a major television documentary series Jesus the Evidence the author attempts to reveal Christianity as having their feet off the ground of history and their heads in the clouds of faith as Rudolf Bultmann predicated a few years earlier Even though the author attempts to be impartial as the reading progress, we see the severity of partiality distorting a fair assessment of both History and Early Christianity Very little is made of the Internal evidence of the Sy [...]

    7. Vonze (Yvonne) says:

      Used to research a college paper It s an okay place to start for information on historical Jesus, although a little dated now The chapter I found most helpful referenced Josephus a lot So, Josephus writings would be a direct source.

    8. John says:

      Lot of great archaeology findings that bring to life a clearer, and up to date picture of Christ s life and world Some of the pictures are years behind, which is nice in some cases Example, the photo of Peter s house in Capernaum without the building that hovers over it now.

    9. Billycartersmith says:

      His hypothysis on Jesus being a hypnotist is ludercrous, he shows an ignorance in many aspects of his submissions, and twists facts to suit his view Sadly, he could influence the gullible.

    10. Covenant Presbyterian Springfield Ohio says:

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