Joseph Dillow
Reign of the Servant Kings
April 20, 2019 Comments.. 326
Reign of the Servant Kings Book by Joseph C Dillow
  • Title: Reign of the Servant Kings
  • Author: Joseph Dillow
  • ISBN: 9781564530950
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book by Joseph C Dillow
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      Joseph Dillow

    1 Blog on “Reign of the Servant Kings

    1. Bill Olsen says:

      I am slowly going through this book It is absolutely essential in really understanding important passages regarding salvation and also rewards It gives scriptural reasons and support in behalf of the eternal security that God promises those who believe in Christ and how that relates to believers who do not follow Christ well and therefore do not receive the eternal rewards and position that others who do It deals with the issue of experimental predestinarians the teaching that there are those wh [...]

    2. Justin Watkins says:

      This is actually Dillow s first rendition of this book The new version which was published in 2012 is called Final Destiny THe Future Reign of the Servant Kings If you want to get an accurate depiction of what the Kingdom of God actually means then this is a great read Dillow accurately shares the Free Grace position on the Kingdom and where we will spend eternity The original Reign of the Servant Kings is just over 700 pages where the new publication is just over 1000 pages This is a difficult [...]

    3. Dan Klender says:

      This book presents the most thorough discussion on salvation I have ever read It is well researched, based on the Scriptures, written by a blue chip, certified biblical scholar It is the most thought provoking book I have ever read It will challenge and encourage your faith

    4. Danny Bennett says:

      This book brought together years of theological confusion and misunderstanding I have always struggled with the experimental predestinarian position, but didn t really know how it was fully articulated Their understanding of the warnings of Hebrews never made sense to me Dillow s argument makes complete sense, that falling away does not mean falling away from salvation, but a loss of rewards I feel like my theology has been fine tuned by this book My few criticisms are I didn t understand why Di [...]

    5. Tim Chaffey says:

      This is an outstanding book I plan to leave a detailed review in the near future For now, I ll just say that it s an excellent book if one wants to understand what the Bible teaches about salvation, eternal security, the rewards mentioned in Scripture for faithful Christians, and the loss of reward for carnal believers Extremely thorough and logical I d give it stars if I could.

    6. Bill Norris says:

      An outstanding book that should be read by every Christian Dillow does a good job of showing the errors of Reformed Arminian Theology If you want to get your Reformed Arminian Lordship friends worked up them this book

    7. G Walker says:

      Responding to Jodie Dillow especially that book would require than 30 seconds Here s the super short version The book isn t really quite of the kindling offense So hold off on using it for that Maybe keep it around to level an uneven work bench but even at that it is probably too thick unless you really suck as a carpenter.It is large enough to function as an impromptu weapon If a burglar breaks in and you had good enough aim that book might drop him So there is some value there even if only in [...]

    8. Mary says:

      4 stars only because I expect most won t tackle such a large text This book is huge, but thorough, gracious and very well organized in how Dillow takes the reader through the critical tensions in the Biblical words and in church history s answer to those words about our great salvation Such a rescue, as we have freely available from Jesus can must impact our lives There is a judgement coming for believers, Jesus was clear on that There is so much available to us if we will honor and live all th [...]

    9. Barry Black says:

      4.5Written from a free grace perspective Very deep at times Helps with many problem passages which have been hijacked by lordship salvation proponents and hyper calvinists to attack assurance of salvation Very interesting, but not a read in one day book.

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