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Harvest ONLY SACRIFICE CAN SET THEM FREEIt is August time of the first harvest traditional time of plenty But at the farthest reaches of the Hyddenworld in sea bound Englalond disaster looms A blight in t
  • Title: Harvest
  • Author: William Horwood
  • ISBN: 9780230712621
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ONLY SACRIFICE CAN SET THEM FREEIt is August, time of the first harvest, traditional time of plenty But at the farthest reaches of the Hyddenworld, in sea bound Englalond, disaster looms A blight in the land is growing, marked by quakes and increasingly unnatural blizzards Judith is tasked with healing the land, but this burden is almost unbearable Lonely and lovelorn,ONLY SACRIFICE CAN SET THEM FREEIt is August, time of the first harvest, traditional time of plenty But at the farthest reaches of the Hyddenworld, in sea bound Englalond, disaster looms A blight in the land is growing, marked by quakes and increasingly unnatural blizzards Judith is tasked with healing the land, but this burden is almost unbearable Lonely and lovelorn, she threatens to reap a terrible harvest of her own.Yet a trio of hidden travellers hold out hope for both the land and the war threatening the hidden people For Jack and Katherine, Judith s parents, the shadow of the hydden Empire s army looms large They must muster allies or it will mean disaster for the city of Brum And only Bedwyn Stort, Brum s famed scrivener, has the courage to unravel a secret that could heal their world.The lost gem of Autumn must be found and Stort must risk death to seek it Only his love for Judith will give him the will to endure and bring her the gem she needs to tame the wild earth.
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      William Horwood

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    1. Paul says:

      The third book in the saga, still manages to keep the action and suspense up.Jack and Katherine are trying to find the Autumn gem to pass to their daughter Judith, whilst involved in protecting Brum from the attack of the Fyrd Lots of stuff going on, and multiple characters to follow, and the book takes a darker twist with betrayal within the Empire.A really good series, it is a blend of urban fantasy and Tolkien Looking forward to the final instalment.

    2. Sara says:

      No no no I don t like this story any, but I will finish this series now If Sinistral knows where the freaking stone is and if Judith apparently also knows then whhhyyy can t they just tell someone Also why can they suddenly see humans so clear when Half Steeple drowns I thought Hydden couldn t really see humans But that entire concept doesn t make sense anyway What s also than annoying is that the point of view switches randomly within one chapter without any indication that it did That might b [...]

    3. Sam says:

      William Horwood is a masterful story teller, once again I was completely drawn into the world of the Hydden who dwell in the between spaces in the world New characters to enjoy, but the sad loss of some old favourites Only Winter to go

    4. Alan says:

      Harvest is the third book of William Horwood s Hyddenworld series, following on from Spring and Awakening These three, along with the recently published Winter, mark the author s return to writing after a considerable pause Those that have read and loved his tales of Duncton or the very moving Skallagrigg, amongst others, will be delighted to see him back in print, especially as many of the older books are no longer available.The flow of time of the Hydden, the little people that live unseen at [...]

    5. Joanne Sheppard says:

      I ve previously praised William Horwood s Hyddenworld series, a quartet of novels about the hydden the small people who have lived secretly alongside humans for thousands of years, adept at hyddening to make themselves go unnoticed Each book corresponds to a different season and an increasingly urgent quest to recover four missing gems that will, ultimately restore the Earth to its natural balance and avert the end of time.That description makes the books sound rubbish But bear with me they aren [...]

    6. Nerine Dorman says:

      MANY of us know William Horwood as the author of the popular Duncton Chronicles, featuring his anthropomorphosised moles He later did something similar with wolves, and his great love for animals and nature shines through in all he writes.With the Hyddenworld series, he offers his readers an entire culture attached to the Hydden, a diminutive race that exists parallel to our own but, as the name suggests, out of sight of our world.Although I didn t get round to book two of the series, I didn t f [...]

    7. Wal.li says:

      EinkehrUm die Schildmaid zufrieden zu stellen und ihr auf ihrem Weg zu helfen, muss der dritte Stein, der Stein des Herbstes gefunden werden Dazu m ssen sich die Freunde Jack, Bedwyn Stort und Katherine auf den Weg nach Brum begeben, denn nur dort, glaubt Bedwyn, l sst sich die Spur des Steins finden Ein Mission, die sch als schwierig erweist, da die Fyrd eine Invasion der Stadt vorbereiten Professor Foale, der sehr um seine verstorbene Frau trauert, hat dagegen ganz andere Probleme In der Mensc [...]

    8. Sophie Yorkston says:

      William Horwood s Harvest is the third in a tetralogy of books written in his Hyddenworld, and it s where we finally are seeing significant ramping up of tension leading to the culmination of the story.Awakening summer left Hydden journeyman Bedwyn Stort and the others fleeing the home of the Emperor of the Hyddenworld, Bocum, with the gem of Summer, which he gives to his now grown love, the Shield Maiden Judith, daughter of his giant born friend Jack, and partner Katherine.Stort has no idea whe [...]

    9. Jude Horrocks says:

      William Horwood is the author of my all time favourite books ever, and these do not disappoint Another brilliant series based around the Wheel of the Year, a Celtic Myth, and little people who live underneath the towns and cities of England, focusing on Birmingham The Hydden are a people who live underneath our world and who are on a quest to save the world from being destroyed, ours and theirs Brilliantly told with lovable characters I do keep picturing them as moles, though, because of the Dun [...]

    10. Matthew Hodge says:

      Slightly better than the previous two entries in the Hyddenworld series The first half was especially painful with all sorts of clich s thrown in, including an American secret military base and various scenes of natural disaster Which is unusual, given that this is actually a fantasy novel about a race of small people I ve also been reading this simultaneously with one of Horwood s Duncton series, which serves as a reminder of how potent his writing used to be Still, by the end, the characters w [...]

    11. Debby Kean says:

      I was somewhat handicapped by not having read the previous books in the series, and I don t plan to do so but I know William Horwood s work and so my expectations were high.I was not disappointed Harvest the Hyddenworld generally seems as if it is part of a mythology of England, something ancient re discovered, as each character is him herself, but also an archetype Judith, the Shield Maiden, is amazing an exploration of what it would be like to be an ordinary girl woman, and at the same time, a [...]

    12. Gordon says:

      another season and Horwoods Hydden story continues I like these books they are a nice play on English mythology and have really strong characters I felt at times this book was not quite a filler but building the story to a climax than telling the 3rd story Which is fine and it made for a very interesting book all in No spoilers in this review if you ve read the first 2 you know you will be picking this up and its so well written you ll read it quickly.

    13. Cornelia says:

      A very nice read again, the story taking up pace as the time starts to jump in the book Horwood knows how to combine lore and myths into something new without it feeling like that I m looking forward to the last book of Hyddenworld.

    14. Chris says:

      Looking forward to number 4 A good read.

    15. Jane Walker says:

      I have long been an admirer of Horwood s work but this is not among his best Although he writes as well as ever, the subject is unoriginal, Tolkienesque quest fantasy and I was not riveted by it.

    16. Joan says:

      This is an excellent series of books about the Hyddenworld Book 4 last in the series is due to be published at the end of this year.

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