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Absolute Power
May 11, 2019 Comments.. 889
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  • Title: Absolute Power
  • Author: Candice Terry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 391
  • Format: ebook
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    • [E-Book] é Absolute Power | BY ✓ Candice Terry
      Candice Terry

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    1. Arlene Mullen says:

      So to start a mother and her 18 year old daughter are running from something Aslyum only knows they are running but not from what She is struggling because she left the love of her life, her only home and on top of that she has these new powers that she cant control But you can not run from the past forever and when Asylum and her mother reach their new stopping place, in Ohio everything gets worse She starts transitioning into her powers and finally starts learning the truth and why the love of [...]

    2. BreAnn says:

      Honestly in the beginning of the book I was confused, and worried this was going to be another high school drama tale But as I read Alyson s story and started to get hints of what was happening to her and what happened to her in the past I couldn t read fast enough.Alyson s story starts out your basic teen drama way I moved schools so I hate my life and it is all my mom s fault But it becomes so much , by the time I figured out what was happening with Alyson I was so wrapped up in the story I d [...]

    3. Nickie Seidler says:

      I really enjoyed this book and hearing her story The beginning had me thinking if I was going to enjoy it, but I kept reading and it just grabs your attention I don t like giving spoilers, but i d really recommend this book to anyone

    4. Amy says:

      I just finished reading this, and I liked it very much and am looking forward to book 2 in the series I can t believe it left off with a cliff hanger

    5. Candice Terry says:

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