David A. Adler
A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark
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A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark An introduction to the lives of Lewis and Clark and to the exploratory expedition they led from St Louis to the Pacific Ocean in the early nineteenth century
  • Title: A Picture Book of Lewis and Clark
  • Author: David A. Adler
  • ISBN: 9780823417957
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • An introduction to the lives of Lewis and Clark and to the exploratory expedition they led from St Louis to the Pacific Ocean in the early nineteenth century.
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      David A. Adler

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    1. (NS) Dana says:

      This well illustrated book introduces Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their most celebrated joint venture Sandwiched between biographical information on the leaders before and after the journey, a longer section on the expedition shows significant moments as the Corps of Discovery made its way across the continent and back Even though this is a short book, it does a great job presenting basic information about the Lewis and Clark Expedition, as well as the two men who led it Wow, this pictu [...]

    2. Amy says:

      This book is a nice treatment of the Lewis and Clark expedition, and is probably aimed at older elementary school children This book could easily be used as a resource for those kids needing to write reports about the Lewis and Clark expedition.That said, it was too far outside of my niece s age range to be truly of interest to her It was a book that I checked out knowing that it would probably be too old for her, but I thought that she might get something out of anyway She did get something out [...]

    3. Avery Maxwell says:

      This picture book depicts the expedition of Lewis and Clark as they searched for a Northwest Passage for trading The illustrations were a little blurry and hard to distinguish which made the book a little less interesting to read but the facts were all there and it would be easy to read to a group of first through third graders I did not think it was told in a manner which would keep children entertained but perhaps, being a non fiction work, that was not the purpose of the book I think that thi [...]

    4. Stephanie Watson says:

      Covers the Lewis and Clark history pretty comprehensively for 2nd 4th graders Not a fast read for a picture book, but it is well written with lots of fascinating facts that kids will enjoy Illustrations are beautiful.

    5. Allen says:

      This is a very short retelling of the Journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery It gives a page of background to the expedition, Lewis, and Clark, and then gets right to the trip The highlights are mentioned, and it goes really quickly.There is a lot that is left out of the story On one page they are leaving St Louis, and on the next they are spending the winter with the Mandans I love the story of the Lewis and Clark I suppose if you had to leave a lot of the details out to make a sh [...]

    6. Emily Hamstra says:

      I absolutely loved learning about Lewis and Clark when I was younger so when I found this picture book biography on them, I couldn t pass it up It gives illustrations along with informational text on the journey across the continent It first gives information on Lewis, then a few pages later, the picture book biography introduces Clark It gives important dates in the back of the book The only thing that upset me was that the book never mentioned the passing of Sergeant Floyd Although, it is a gr [...]

    7. Scott Volz says:

      This simple yet accurate account of the Lewis and Clark Expedition with some additional biographical information about the explorers provides young readers with an excellent introduction to the Corps of Discovery in a format that is unquestionably most lively than a social studies reader Ronald Himler s watercolor illustrations seem very much in the spirit of the period and work well to reinforce author David Adler s text Also, the inclusion of a bibliography and further reading suggestions seem [...]

    8. Kristina Silverbears says:

      This non fiction work is a good first history book for youngsters, probably 6 8 years of age The illustrations are detailed enough to keep a younger child interested, but there is too much detail, perhaps, for preschoolers to really absorb I appreciated the dates and short histories of Lewis, Clark, Jefferson and Sacajawea Quotes from personal letters and journals filled in the details of their journey Altogether a pleasant book to borrow from the library.

    9. Megan Ekins says:

      I thought this book was somewhat well done, it is very simply laid out with nice pictures and then a lot of text The text was fairly basic and simple, the kind of information that I already knew I don t think I would use this in a classroom because I think you could have a much exciting adventure of an activity to share the same information.

    10. Morgen Shambaugh says:

      I used this book to teach first graders about lewis and clark and their adventures through the west Certain pages were too advanced for first graders so I skipped them But I love this book It lays out their quest from start to finish in a clear and simple matter.

    11. Horace Mann Family Reading Challenge says:

      Good start for those researching Lewis and Clark to help develop background info P.K.

    12. Laura says:


    13. Judy Desetti says:

      A short introduction of the Lewis and Clark expedition A good book to read aloud as either a stepping stone to learning or as short read to learn about the expedition.

    14. Abby says:

      I wanted to put it down and when I want to put down a book then well not your best work.

    15. Annisaa S. says:

      this book is so interesting

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