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Mouse It s the summer of and Vince Moody is a quiet and unassuming projectionist at the run down Empire cinema in the small town of Langbridge in the middle of the Somerset Levels His life is a drudge
  • Title: Mouse
  • Author: D.M.Mitchell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s the summer of 1976 and Vince Moody is a quiet and unassuming projectionist at the run down Empire cinema in the small town of Langbridge in the middle of the Somerset Levels.His life is a drudge, and he s going nowhere the only female attention he gets is a stream of cruel jokes and jibes from the Empire s cleaners, and especially from the obnoxious Monica Andrews BIt s the summer of 1976 and Vince Moody is a quiet and unassuming projectionist at the run down Empire cinema in the small town of Langbridge in the middle of the Somerset Levels.His life is a drudge, and he s going nowhere the only female attention he gets is a stream of cruel jokes and jibes from the Empire s cleaners, and especially from the obnoxious Monica Andrews But his life is about to change dramatically when he sees and falls secretly in love with Laura Leach.Laura lives all alone in an 18th Century folly known as Devereux Towers a brooding old building sitting alone in its field a few miles from Langbridge Recently returned to the area to bury her father and having inherited Devereux Towers, Laura is something of a recluse The local children call Laura the Witch of Devereux Towers some people call her damaged goods She too is lonely and unassuming, a desperately troubled woman haunted by her dark, secret past Haunted by what lies behind the blue painted door in Devereux Towers which Laura lets no one enter Then Laura Leach meets Casper Younge He s handsome, well spoken, gentle and loving, and Laura falls head over heels in love with him Vince Moody is devastated to have lost the woman of his dreams, but he soon discovers that Casper Younge is not all he first appears He s blackmailing the Empire s manager, Martin Caldwell, for one thing and who is the attractive woman Vince sees Casper meeting in Glastonbury What plans are they hatching Martin Caldwell is having serious troubles of his own, aside from managing the failing Empire cinema his affair with Monica Andrews the cleaner has gone horribly wrong His world is falling apart, and the last thing he wants is a visit from Casper Younge dredging up a murky past he thought he d left behind.Then both Casper and Monica go missing the longer they are gone, the the thoughts turn to their possible deaths But if they are dead, who is responsible for killing them Soon, everyone is caught up in a dangerous spiral of events that draws them inexorably into a world of jealousy, deceit, passion, blackmail and murder, where the hunter becomes the hunted, the mice turn on the cats.Set against the impressive yet claustrophobic landscape of the Somerset Levels, Mouse is a chilling exploration of the corrupt depths people will sink to in the name of revenge, power, greed and love and is D M Mitchell at his imaginative best.
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    1. Eileen Patterson says:

      This book is MESSED UP I mean SERIOUSLY messed up I had to read of his books after I loved Flinder s Field so much, so I picked this one because it had a bloody mousetrap on the cover, and I hoped I d like it even though it was set in the not so distant past 1976 isn t THAT long ago, but some people must have grown up thinking history was boring so they think books set in the past have to be boring too, and they write accordingly This book wasn t boring, but like Flinder s Field, it has a slow [...]

    2. Aunty Janet says:

      Deliciously dark, this book reminded me of Gothic Noir , although set in the 1970 s.The protagonist is a projectionist at a Cinema and the characters are a mixture of the comedic and the downright bonkers I really enjoyed reading this and to say much would spoil the story for others I ll be looking out for titles by this author.

    3. Delta says:

      Free 12 13 14 dp B00AQN4AGQ i

    4. Lisa says:

      A good read.This took a little while to get into but when I did, I found it to be a surprisingly good murder mystery It has plenty of twists and turns and a rather unexpected ending An easy and enjoyable novel, similar in style to Agatha Christy style, but with blood and gore x

    5. Julie says:

      Mouse by D.M Mitchell is a 2012 publication This book was my June Kindle Lending Library pick.This was one dark and twisted tale you don t want to pass up, especially if you like trying to stay one step ahead of the game You probably won t make it in this situation, but you will have a blast trying to figure out the puzzle.First off it s important to note that the story is set during the 1970 s Even the smallest of towns in the US and UK had a movie house or theatre By the 1970 s these building [...]

    6. Barry Lillie says:

      This book could have done with another thorough edit, there were far too many superfluous words that just added padding and slowed the action down I couldn t understand why the author named so many products, like Ever Ready and Pledge, it just wasn t needed and if it was there to date the story it failed There were a handful of spelling mistakes and punctuation issues, but on the whole the errors were fewer than many other self published novels I hated the use of the word gotten as it doesn t ex [...]

    7. Lynda Kelly says:

      This wasn t a patch on Flinder s Field for me It seemed to be a story sort of made up of other stories I ve read before so nothing particularly strange or startling I even made a note 35% in that I was ready to jack it in as I was a little fed up and there were a few too many mistakes throughout for my likingd mostly stupid ones like writing him mum s as opposed to his mum sally Malboro is not spelt as Malborough and he used enflamed instead of inflamed Then the A Team is mentioned, bearing in m [...]

    8. Nev Murray says:

      Picked this up for free in a flash after reading D M Mitchell s short story The Pen Of Manderby Pincher I was expecting of the same but didn t really get it.This story is set in a Somerset village Langbridge in 1976 It centres on a run down cinema in the village The Empire Vince is the projectionist Martin is the manager Vince isn t the sharpest tool in the box and Martin has a very shady past Vince falls in love with Laura who goes to the cinema on a regular basis Unlucky for him she has falle [...]

    9. Janine says:

      This was a great read from start to finish, kept me in suspense all the way through, one part I thought it was X then later on I changed my mind to think it was XX but I was totally wrong and it was someone who never entered my mind.Lots of characters intertwining with each other through out the plot which keeps you on your toes so to speak.It was a well written plot which made me not want to put it down hence reading it within 2 days.The story tells you of the early beginnings of Laura Leach s [...]

    10. Cheryl says:

      A genuine whodunit Another great novel by D M Mitchell Entertaining through every page Then just when everything seems so neat and tidy Bam The ending takes you by surprise Some authors write so similar one novel from the next that storylines begin to blur, characters seemingly related to others While Mitchell writes similar stories each storyline, each character and every event are so different from the others They are psychological thrillers however Mitchell must have a psychological diagnosed [...]

    11. Patricia says:

      This author takes you for quite the ride through the twists in this tale You really feel for the young woman who is the focus of the story She has lived a harrowing adventure of a life, having been institutionalized in a mental hospital for many years Just wait until you learn the reason why It is a sad commentary on the times in which she lived There is a whole laundry list of additional characters that you will meet and try to understand I enjoyed the descriptions that abound in the book, but [...]

    12. Winetta says:

      GrreatI am very anxious to get on with Mr Mitchell s next book This one was a total surprise as well His characters are captivating and very colorful I continue to be mesmerized by the twists and turns of his plots Not often that I find myself so engrossed with a book that I cannot put it down, but, so far this author is four for four A comparison to other authors would truly be difficult Someone suggested a comparison to Kontz or King, however , I must say , Mr Mitchell stands on his own Try ju [...]

    13. Sandy says:

      This book is one of those that grab you and keep you locked to its pages until the very end Every page is suspenseful and it is impossible to figure this one out until the very end because so many people look guilty while others appear to be the innocent possible victims that makes you feel concerned for their safety Just when you think you are about to figure it out WHAM a new surprise is waiting on the next page Love it and highly recommend it to anyone who loves real psychological thrillers.

    14. Bonnie Buttron says:

      A great readthis is a well written story Finally, a really original murder mystery, thriller, and suspense story rolled into one The twists were believable,smoothly segued from one to the other A most enjoyable read A well thought out plot, interesting characters, and, wonderful grammar and verbiage with a certain lean making me want to read any and all written by this author.

    15. Dina_s says:

      Another thoroughly enjoyable Gothic noir thriller by D.M Mitchell Nothing revolutionary or different, just pure curling up on the sofa type entertainment I do wish the author could have given us insight into how poor Laura suffered through what she was put through by her father Her back story was far too interesting to be summarily dismissed in the way it was, leaving her as a very two dimensional character She deserved better than that.

    16. Neil says:

      I have to admit to thoroughly enjoying this book, the characters were believable, and the plot line was good It was one of those books that I was reluctant to put down, the storyline had captured my attention that much If someone asked me to recommend a book to them I would have no hesitation about including this book in the list.

    17. Jerry Costa says:

      NOT A THRILLER MORE OF A DETECTIVE STORYYou have to get to chapter 13 before the book gets interesting First 12 chapters are really boring The rest of THE book is somewhat interesting The ending is a real twist The book is of a story women might be interested in, but being male I really didn t care for it.

    18. Tanya Avines says:

      Wonderful, wouldn t change one word.Loved this book Characters were quirky enough for my tastes, plot had endless twists a surprise ending, that even I,an avid Mystery devotee, did not see coming Plus humor, charm, great dialog Everything a wonderful book could possibly have Loved this book I will be seeking out work by D.M Mitchell, excellent book

    19. Gwennie Daley says:

      Interesting StoryPeople are so quick to judge others by their looks alone Laura was judged and it was all a lie I felt bad for her in the end So many twists to this plot I was kept in wonder as to who did what to whom The story started off slow but it soon developed into a tail of cat and mouse This was a good read.

    20. Ellen says:

      This was a solid creepy psychological thriller, with some interesting plot twists The characters were unusual and fairly well developed It bogged down a little in the middle, but I may try another of his books because of the unpredictable events This was a free Kindle book.

    21. maryellen says:

      Delightful What a wicked web we weave I thoroughly enjoyed this book Entertaining and easy to read, I easily fell into the rhythm of the plot which flowed easily If you read for pleasure you will enjoy this book.

    22. Dale says:

      MouseThis guy just keeps writing better and better novels I think this is my sixth I get excited finding a new D.M Mitchell book like I do with a new King bookHere s to you Mr mitchell keep em coming

    23. Candice Ellis says:

      Slow start but interesting The story started off very slow but with enough patience I was happy that I kept reading There were a lot twist and turns in this story It kept me guessing right up until the end and I was still surprised by the ending

    24. Rachael Wiggins says:

      Slow start, worth the timeThe first chapter or two didn t grip me, but I m so glad I stuck around Just a few short chapters later I was dying to solve the mystery kept me guessing until the very last page

    25. Christine Gannon says:

      Wow This story was riveting and kept me reading until I was done, couldn t put it down When I thought I knew who did it, I was surprised to find I was wrong Well written, and creative.Thank you.

    26. Elizabeth Mitchell says:

      A surprise endingWhen I first started reading this book, I thought it was not going to be my cup of tea, I continued reading though, and I have to say Mouse is one of the best books I have read in years I definitely will read of D M Mitchell s novels.

    27. Michael Dally says:

      Although a bit slow at times, a fun murder mystery story with well developed characters though not always likeable with a few twists and turns towards the end.

    28. Janet says:

      very good, really wasn t expecting the ending but loved it

    29. Sarah Benker says:

      I really enjoyed this book It was well paced and really addicting I finished it in one night

    30. Helen Gillette says:

      I just couldn t handle the language in it.

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