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Delayed Death
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Delayed Death Delayed Death is Book in the Temptation in Florence Series a cozy murder mystery romance series with a strong dose of humor and romance The title of the series comes from the lingerie store that th
  • Title: Delayed Death
  • Author: Beate Boeker
  • ISBN: 9781301976331
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • Delayed Death is Book 1 in the Temptation in Florence Series, a cozy murder mystery romance series with a strong dose of humor and romance.The title of the series comes from the lingerie store that the protagonist, Carlina, owns and runs, Temptation, on one of Florence, Italy s, premier shopping streets The Temptation in Florence Series follows the life, adventures and lDelayed Death is Book 1 in the Temptation in Florence Series, a cozy murder mystery romance series with a strong dose of humor and romance.The title of the series comes from the lingerie store that the protagonist, Carlina, owns and runs, Temptation, on one of Florence, Italy s, premier shopping streets The Temptation in Florence Series follows the life, adventures and loves of Italian American Carlina, and of her extended eccentric Italian family, many of whom live in apartments in the same building in central Florence.The family s eccentric members and their whims and wishes are a never ending source of amusement for Carlina While often treated like the family s Cinderella, Carlina is also a sexy, saucy, funny thirty two year old woman.When a crisis occurs, right at the beginning of Delayed Death, and Carlina gives in to her domineering cousin s wishes, Carlina sets herself on a collision course with police Commissario Stefano Garini.
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    1. Sabine says:

      4.45 starsI very much enjoyed this first entry in the Temptation in Florence mystery series I had a bit of a tough start into it though because I could not agree to some of the choices the main character and her cousin made in the first chapters Now I think that I just took it too serious The story grew on me with every page I read and now by the end I can t wait to read the next one of Carlina s adventures in Florence There is a lot of humour with laugh out loud funny moments.I came to love Car [...]

    2. Jeri says:

      This was a good little mystery Very enjoyable and fun to read the antics of the family.Carlina is part of a very large family When her grandfather is found dead right before a cousin s wedding, her and her cousin decide to hide him in bed so the wedding won t be ruined Only, she forgets about him and later the police are called as her great uncle suspects something is wrong with the way the body was in bed Well, he is right, it was murder, and the murderer won t stop there.I didn t even suspect [...]

    3. Nikita (NjKinny"s World of Books & Stuff) says:

      njkinnysblog 2015 03 bThis was the first book by Beate Boeker that I read and I enjoyed reading it The cover is simple and doesn t look very appealing but once you have started reading the book, you start to understand the cover photo better I was attracted towards this book by the blurb which is intriguing and engaged my love for mysteries and suspense.The plot is conceived and executed meticulously and the author throws sudden twists and turns with unexpected clues and throws suspicion on new [...]

    4. Carolien says:

      This is a charming mystery set in Florence The includes a full cast of interesting characters and motives abound for the murder I thoroughly enjoyed the continental feel of the whole book including the language.

    5. Renee Nash says:

      This book initially appealed to me because of the very large and very interesting Mantoni family I am an only child of only children and while my family is quite small, I have always been drawn to large families, who given all their individual quirks, somehow manage to get along In the book description, the author states that a relative s death will be concealed so as not to ruin a bride s wedding day I couldn t picture this being anything but a fun read involving a quirky family and Beate Boeke [...]

    6. Candace says:

      Delayed Death is the first in the Temptation in Florence Series This cozy mystery takes place in Florence Italy and features Carlina who is an owner of a boutique lingerie store She s part of a large Italian family who all live in a home that s split into apartments When Carlina s grandfather dies immediately before her cousins wedding they make a mistake that haunts her once they discover he was murdered.Carlina is a wonderful character with a good head on her shoulders Her family is a little s [...]

    7. IreAnne Chambers says:

      I was given a free copy of this in exchange for an honest review I love, love, love this cozy mystery with a splash of romance It is set in Florence, Italy and really captures the taste and feel of being there Even the lingerie shop Carlina owns is typical of the culture and makes for some very fun mishaps I enjoyed the eccentricities of the Mantoni family who were so much fun to read about I felt as though I was part of the family ahem an Italian family This book is filled with humor and myster [...]

    8. Carol says:

      Welcome to Florence, Italy We are going to the historic center of Florence to visit the Mantoni family Most of them live in oneapartment housing unit or ear the apartment building.It is the day of Emma s wedding Caroline better known by thename Carlina is helping Emma dress Carlina goes down to her Grandfather s apartment to take him to the wedding with them.Surprise.He is dead Emma pressures Carlina to not tell anyone until the next day hat he is dead Emma wants to get married go on a honeymoon [...]

    9. Katherine P says:

      I love a good cozy mystery but I m not always a fan of the cutesy side of cozies However, every once in awhile I find a cozy that is just so much fun that the cutesy just really works and I think I ve found that in Delayed Death It reads a bit like a contemporary romance with crazy characters and lots of banter However, mystery itself is very good and there s an endless list of suspects and motives I really had no idea of the who until close to the end and I was entertained the entire time If yo [...]

    10. Natalie (Megan) Hawthorne (Wilson) says:

      From the very first page the author draws you in with interesting characters This only grows as you meet the whole crew The size of the family and the crazy antics they get up to reminded me of my own family Though I am not Italian, I had to laugh because change the names and the location and you ve got my family in many ways at least when we all get together The names of the characters Nico, Teo, Marco, Benedetta, Carlina, Stefano, Fabbiola etc all bring to mind an Italian family and so that pu [...]

    11. czai (the Blacksheep Reader) says:

      Delayed Death is a cozy mystery that had a wanting after finishing it It has an intriguing mystery, unforgettable fun characters, and shippable is this even a word LOL romance.The Mystery The story started with the death of Uncle Nico at Emma s wedding day Emma, not wanting to ruin her big day, asked Carlina to help move the body thinking that the death occurred naturally And surprise surprise It was a murder through poison.Solving the Case Right from the moment Uncle Nico s body was discovered [...]

    12. Linda says:

      In the historic center of Florence, Italy lives a large eccentric Italian family Most of the family is housed in an apartment type housing unit all under one roof Try to imagine that for a while, having aunts, uncles, grandfather, mother, and cousins around you every time you turned around That would be enough to drive me crazy On Emma s wedding day Carlina and Emma discover their grandfather, Nico, passed away at the kitchen table when they stop in to pick him up to head to Emma s wedding Rathe [...]

    13. Brenda says:

      What s a girl to do when she finds her grandfather s dead body just hours before her favorite cousins wedding Well that s just the predicament that Carlina Mantoni finds herself in just hours before her cousin Emma s wedding, thing is Emma is with her when they find their seventy nine year old grandfather Nico dead sitting at his kitchen table Thinking he died of natural causes Emma reasons that if they tell the family it will ruin her wedding and convinces Carlina that they should just put gran [...]

    14. Italo Italophiles says:

      Delayed Death is Book 1 in the Temptation in Florence Series, a cozy murder mystery romance series with a strong dose of humor The title of the series comes from the lingerie store that the protagonist, Carlina, owns and runs, Temptation, on one of Florence, Italy s, premier shopping streets.The Temptation in Florence Series follows the life, adventures and loves of Italian American Carlina, and of her extended eccentric Italian family, many of whom live in apartments in the same building in cen [...]

    15. Eva says:

      Enough has already been said about the plot of the book, so I ll skip that part and go right ahead to what I liked and didn t like about the story.What I liked I love that we get the point of view of both the hero and the heroine It s something that you don t find in a lot of cozies, but it really works here Since the hero is a police officer, the story takes on some characteristics of a police procedural accompanying him when he interviews suspects and witnesses This also means that one of my b [...]

    16. Wattle says:

      I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Why I read it I love cozy mysteries, and this one sounded like I would enjoy it Plot Carlina is helping her cousin get ready for her wedding, when they discover their grandfather has passed away Instead of telling the rest of the family about it, they put him to bed and announce that he was having another one of his phases and didn t wish to attend His body is fo [...]

    17. Clare O"Beara says:

      What a fun read about a family apartment house populated by eccentrics in Florence When one girl, a slightly stressed out bride, finds her grandfather dead on the morning of her wedding, she makes her cousin Carlina swear not to tell anyone because her wedding will be ruined Instead they put the elderly man in his bed and tell others he felt it would be unlucky for him to attend While this seems disrespectful, we know the Italians treasure family occasions and it really will not matter to the ol [...]

    18. Maureen says:

      In Delayed Death we meet Carlina, the owner of a luxurious lingerie store in Florence, Italy Carlina has a huge family and her days are filled with spending time at work and dealing with her family When Carlina s cousin is getting married Carline helps getting the bride ready for her big day Unfortunately Carlina finds her grandfather dead in his chair on the day of the wedding This could destroy her cousin s entire day So Carlina, decides to hide his corpse until after the wedding.This was not [...]

    19. Nicole says:

      I received a digital copy of the book in exchange for an honest review When Carlina Mantoni s grandfather dies on her cousin s wedding day, things go from bad to worse Not only does Commissario Garini determine that the death was not accidental, but Carlina is now the lead suspect Will she be able to prove that she s innocent Is it possible that one of her family members killed her grandfather or were they dealing with a serial killer Will Carlina find love along the way This was a really great [...]

    20. Kerri says:

      I enjoyed much about this book, but there were also some struggles here The dynamic between Carlina and her family, and Carlina and Stefano were both quite engaging, and fun It bothered me, however, that so much was spelled out for you Phrases like, She jumped with fear Why not just say she jumped, and allow the reader to decide if it was because of fear There are also a lot of overused phrases, like with a flick of her wrist I think both Carlina and Stefano do an inordinate amount of wrist flic [...]

    21. Kathleen Kelly says:

      Delayed in Death is the first in a series called Temptation in Florence by author Beate Boeker A cozy mystery series that is sure to grab you and transport you into the lives of the enormous Mantoni family, who most of the members live in the same building in Florence, Italy No privacy there Believe me this is one crazy Italian family Told with enough scariness and humor to make this a fun read I loved the snarky humor of Carlina, the lead female character as she tries to figure out who killed g [...]

    22. Royal Lioness says:

      I enjoyed this cozy mystery It offers a light romance budding amongst the murders The Mantonis are an eccentric, quirky, large Italian family living in Florence Almost all relatives live in the same home on different floors apartments It starts with the death of Uncle Nico and Emma s wedding Carlina or Caroline is the heroine who is the prime suspect She is a feisty, at times tearful, 32 year old businesswoman, who is not married Her lingerie shop is Temptaton, which the series is named after.I [...]

    23. Bookgyrl says:

      Recommended to me by itself I was curious and tried book 1 for a reduced price And I liked it a lot.Carlina lives in Italy with her big crazy family and has a little store called Temptation where she sells lingerie On the day her cousin Emma gets married, both girls discover grandpa in his chair dead Because Emma is freaking out over her wedding Carlina helps her cousin to put grandfather in his bed to be discovered after Emma has left for her honeymoon She does not like it, but understands her [...]

    24. Anne says:

      This is a delightful, funny, suspenseful debut book in the Temptation Florence series Carlina, the owner of Temptations, a lingerie store in historic Florence, is also a member of a large eccentric Italian family When Carlina her cousin Emma find their grandfather dead just before Emma s wedding, what do they do Well, move the body, undress it put it to bed, of course What could it matter if the announcement of their grandfather s death is delayed a day Well, as the story unfolds, a lot When the [...]

    25. Aubree Bowling says:

      Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for giving a review when I finished.Delayed Death is a first in a new series about Caroline, a woman who lives in Italy in an apartment building full of her extended family members and runs a lingerie store called Temptations When one of her family members is murdered, Caroline is a suspect and reluctant ally to Stefano, the police detective on the case I found all the characters to be bright and 3 dimensional There is a unique [...]

    26. GinnyGallagher says:

      Delayed Death by Beate Boeker is a quirky mystery that will keep you guessing as you navigate through the crazy lives of the Mantoni family It s set in Florence, Italy and follows lingerie shop owner, Carlina and Commissario Stefano Garini as they uncover the secrets of the Mantoni family before of them die Carlina s family The Mantoni s One word to describe the Mantoni family would be CRAZY The author does a great job of making this boisterous Italian family come to life I was able to understa [...]

    27. Jennifer Schultheis says:

      Delayed Death is the first book I ve read from this author and it won t be the last This book was completely entertaining When I first started reading this book, I wasn t in the best of moods, but by the end of the book my mood drastically improved This is the type of book you would read, when you just want to smile and feel good Delayed Death is packed with humor and likable characters Beate Boeker did a great job with this story and I am so pleased I read it The twists and turns involving the [...]

    28. Janice Sisemore says:

      Delayed death Commissario Stefano Garini is trying to find who killed Carlina s grandpa He is discover by Carlina and Emma on day of Emma wedding They decide not to tell anybody s until after the wedding This is a very entertaining book, a good clean mystery Loved the characters and the funny things they do The author did a very good job of keeping me guessing and trying to figure out who did it I never did suspect the person who did it.

    29. Carrie Donohue says:

      It takes half the book for the male lead to become likable, but then I know people like that I will not go over the plot again as it been repeated a few times.I enjoyed the story for the most part The end felt abrupt and less unexpected and pulled from thin air.I was provided a free copy by the writer to give an honest review.

    30. Sarah Adamson says:

      I received a copy of this book in format in exchange for an honest review I really really enjoyed this book A fun, exciting, thrilling, romantic, inspiring cozy mystery set in Florence This was a real page turner filled with wonderful twists and turns I heartily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries, likes Italy or just a really fun tale of adventure

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