Edward T. Welch
Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest
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Running Scared Fear Worry and the God of Rest Running Scared an examination of the biblical roadmap to a life of peace and security is written for those who appreciate a comprehensive analysis written in conversational prose
  • Title: Running Scared: Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest
  • Author: Edward T. Welch
  • ISBN: 9780978556754
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Running Scared, an examination of the biblical roadmap to a life of peace and security, is written for those who appreciate a comprehensive analysis written in conversational prose.
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      Edward T. Welch

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    1. Gavin Breeden says:

      As someone who struggles with worry and anxiety, I m the ideal audience for a book like this and I found it to be very helpful After laying the groundwork in the first few chapters, Welch spends the latter two thirds of the book providing loosely connected meditations on various biblical texts and concepts which can be used to battle our anxiety One idea that I found particularly helpful is that we don t have a guarantee of what tomorrow holds but we can be assured that God will provide grace fo [...]

    2. Emily says:

      An excellent Christ centered, gospel focused look at fear and anxiety I don t usually write in books but I think this is one that I will be revisiting so I did a fair amount of underlining.My two criticisms would ben t read the first section first He starts by encouraging you to take a good hard look at your fears A helpful exercise when you have the tools to handle those fears But when you are in the midst of struggling with great fears, staring them in the face and fleshing them out may only r [...]

    3. Brian says:

      Like all of Ed Welch s books, Running Scared is a helpful book for ordinary people who struggle with ordinary sins Scripture laden and down to earth, this expose on fear, worry, and anxiety addresses our souls with the living and active word of the Living God.Welch writes in an easy, conversational style, weaving Scripture, personal stories, and thoughtful heart oriented application into the tapestry of his book The thirty chapters are short enough to read several in one sitting The last two thi [...]

    4. C.H. Cobb says:

      Wow This book is excellent on so many levels Without being reductionistic or simplistic, Welch demonstrates repeatedly that the problem of fear, worry, and anxiety is ultimately an issue of mixed allegiance between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world Skillful, gentle, persuasive This book includes a thoughtful presentation of the gospel at multiple places for those who might not yet understand it, couched in the context of kingdom allegiance Running Scared is written with a surgeon [...]

    5. Jeff Robinson says:

      Great book I found this book very helpful and pastoral Living overseas, there are lots of times when one faces uncertainty and a sense of worry This book is like talking with a good friend or pastor who wisely and gently helps you to look at life in light of the Kingdom of God It regularly draws readers to remember God s faithfulness and the way he provides for what his people need I recommend this book.

    6. Tori Samar says:

      I love that this book is written as a series of meditations how much easier it will be to go back and reread them as needed I also love that this book really expanded my thinking on fear and worry, as well as the key to victory over both As I read, I had many moments of introspection and came away saying, Yes, that s exactly my problem or Yes, that s exactly what I need to experience victory Truly, Dr Welch presented some great insights in this book that I hope to carry with me for the rest of m [...]

    7. Ben Chidester says:

      For an anxious person like me, this book was quite helpful Particularly helpful was the exercise of listening to my anxieties, fears, and worries, discovering what they tell me about what I love and trust in, and then considering how God speaks to these anxieties and is a better object for my affections and trust At times, Welch s informal style was a bit too scattered for me I imagined a systematic approach but I still appreciated his aim that this book be read devotionally and not as a dry te [...]

    8. Kelly Ng says:

      It spoke to my avalanche of daily anxieties, big and small Incorporates reminders to commit our worries to Christ, clarifies what fearing the Lord means, and examines the notion of sin again The personal response section at the end of each chapter is helpful.

    9. Eric says:

      A comprehensive take on fear and worry that deftly blends scripture, psychology, logic, theology and, most importantly, emotional intelligence in it s solutions.

    10. Vincent Ng says:

      Welch s Running Scared is a helpful book for those who struggle with fear, anxiety or different types of worries The book is filled with multiple meditations on which the reader can focus It is not a book for binge reading as the chapters are designed ideally for daily devotional material The book begins by addressing the topic of fear under its first section entitled, Initial Observations The second part, God Speaks, dives into fears pertaining to money, people, and death The conclusion emphasi [...]

    11. Kate says:

      A must read for any Christian that struggles with fear, worry and anxiety Some really strong biblical arguments for why we don t have to live like this and a solid foundation to move forward in the fear of the Lord Some books on anxiety can leave you feeling guilty, this one is wonderfully different in that it shows you how and why we worry, then contrasts that with who God is and what he s done and promised leaving you in awe of the God we follow and a real hope for the future A book I will kee [...]

    12. Stephanie says:

      This book had some really good things to say about fear and anxiety and detailed a Christ centered approach to facing both However, I struggled with what seems to be a lack of organization in the way the book is laid out It has an almost stream of consciousness feel which sometimes made larger thoughts and concepts difficult to process.

    13. Lynette Karg says:

      This was a very thourough look at fear and anxiety through a biblical lens It seems a little redundant at times, but that is because he is being so comprehensive The way he looks at this issue at times helps expose and reveal struggles that we might have been successfully masking which is a difficult thing to do especially with such a common problem.

    14. Aaron Frasier` says:

      This book had good content but I didn t keep interest in it very well.

    15. Lynn says:

      really helpful thoughts on fear, anxiety, and worry, and the God who says, Do not be afraid.

    16. Sara Brook says:

      If you are worried about money a lot, this book is for you That s not one of my big fears so it was kind of difficult to transition them to my fears but it was still very helpful for all fears.

    17. Matt Hartzell says:

      With little doubt, the biggest struggle in my adult life thus far has been with anxiety and worry As I ve moved towards adulthood and accepted greater levels of responsibility, as well as a realistic understanding of the fragility and finiteness of life and the chaos of the world in which we live, my anxiety has continued to grow over the years A dear friend pointed me in the direction of this work, which has become one of the most helpful texts I have read in my life I cannot understate the im [...]

    18. Mandy J. Hoffman says:

      The OverviewRunning Scared is the in depth probe into worry, fear, and anxiety by the well known author Ed Welch In this book you will learn the basics of what fear really is and how it is often displayed in our daily routines Then he opens up Scripture to share what God says about fear and His provision for such feelings The last two thirds of the book are break downs of fear in specific categories on money and possessions, on people and their judgments, on death, pain, and punishment, and fina [...]

    19. Barbara says:

      Edward T Welch aims Running Scared Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest primarily at himself as a fear specialist, but thankfully he lets us in on what he has learned He notes that Fear not is the most often repeated command in the Bible and can be taken either as a judicial warning, which has a threatening overtone or as a parental encouragement, which aims to comfort The heart of the matter, Welch asserts, is that our fears and worries reveal something to us about ourselves Most of them focus on n [...]

    20. Donna says:

      I haven t finished this book but I had to write a review I am reading this with some friends for a book study , taking it slow has been so good This book has been incredibly helpful to me and I am a person who would say I am not fearful This has been a book that has gone straight to my soul and hit areas I didn t know I had or needed to deal with If you don t have time to add another book to your list think about adding this one Chapter 6 The Manna Principle talks about causes of fear and lack o [...]

    21. Adam Ziarnik says:

      In Running Scared, Edward Welch offers a topical study on fear and worry Using a conversational narrative, Welch offers practical advice for stress management, as well as an in depth biblical analysis of what God has to say about fear and worry in both the Old and New Testaments As much as this is a study on fear and worry, it is also a character analysis on the promises and faithfulness of God Whether by design or circumstance, the book is divided into 30 chapters, most of which end with a brie [...]

    22. Matt Chapman says:

      An excellent book on facing and dealing with fear and anxiety It s filled with Scripture, it s unmistakably God centred and it s very real The way Welch describes our daily experiences of worry in every sphere of life is itself so helpful because he puts into words things we know so well but might struggle to describe for ourselves And then following every insightful diagnosis, Welch takes time and care to give the Bible s clear and powerful response to our anxiety.It s a comprehensive book, whi [...]

    23. Annie Slagboom says:

      Every once in a while you come across a book that speaks Scripture into areas of weakness areas where we cling tenaciously to solve our issues with our limited human resources Running Scared Fear, Worry, and the God of Rest certainly spoke truth to many areas in my life that are not fully surrendered to Christ The last 3rd of the book kept me pivoted on each word hoping I could grasp the peace, hope and love our Lord has to offer if we surrender our control.Edward T Welch is masterful with his w [...]

    24. Brandon Wilkins says:

      This is a good study on fear It s deeply in touch with Scripture and theology, and it offers good counsel for battling fear It s practical, too.The only critique that I would offer is that I just simply found the book to be too long It has an encyclopedia feel to it, in that it has soo much information and soo many angles on dealing with fear This can be a strength or a weakness, depending on who the reader is If someone needs thorough teaching about fear, he or she will certainly get it in this [...]

    25. Morgan Galonski says:

      I struggled with this book, mostly because I felt this is old information recycled in a new package I read this book hoping to find practical strategies to deal with anxiety from a Christian point of view What I found were several scenarios of life is stressful, here s an example, trust God, insert encouraging scripture reference here That was not helpful to me The nature of anxiety is that it is an illogical response to standard stimuli Giving one with anxiety advice along the lines of trust Go [...]

    26. Logan says:

      There were a lot of good things in here but I felt as though the author skirted around what I think is the real issue trusting in God s providence, and for that I would recommend the Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs Largely it seemed to be made up of anecdotes that supported the author s premise, and that premise was that we live in a culture of fear, with people enjoying things like Halloween or horror movies, and that other people live fearful lives, always worrying ab [...]

    27. Sean Crowley says:

      I think this book is a must read to help us face the daily fears that can sometimes overwhelm us Welch s book, When People are Big and God is Small had a big influence on me overcoming the enslaving forces of anxiety I think this book is a deeper look into the reasons we face worry, anxiety and fear misplaced allegiances and provides thoughtful and practical ways we can overcome worldly fears Whether your greatest fears are about money, other s perceptions about you, or death this book helps bri [...]

    28. Josiah says:

      Another great book by Welch where he brings the Gospel powerfully to bear on our lives I hadn t considered how much fear and worry were a temptation to me before reading this book But Welch did a really good job of showing how prevalent they are and then in presenting a plethora of ways that we should think about fear and its relation to the Christian life I read this on Kindle, but will probably need to get a physical copy of this book to truly dig into it and meditate on all the wisdom that We [...]

    29. Chuck says:

      Did you know that Do not be afraid is the most frequently given command in Scripture Get a copy of Running Scared and spend some time getting to know what God has to say about fear and worry I began reading Running Scared at the 2007 annual CCEF conference Ed Welch was the keynote speaker, addressing the various topics covered in the book I ve been amazed how many times the book has been relevant to the people I counsel See my complete review on anselm ministries.

    30. Natalie Print says:

      A wonderful, hugely helpful and richly Biblical book on worry, fear and anxiety I found Running Scared to be a great help in my battle with worry I kept recommending the book and sharing the truths it contains with friends Worry and fear are so prevalent and often accepted as normal that this is a much needed book, which is easy to read, honest and perspective changing I would highly recommend it I already want to re read it and absorb of the truths it contains

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