M. Lauryl Lewis
Tainted Grace
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Tainted Grace The dead have risen and they are evolving A small group of survivors struggles with constant threats from both the dead and the living Not everyone will survive Hopes will be crushed strengths and w
  • Title: Tainted Grace
  • Author: M. Lauryl Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781301866687
  • Page: 304
  • Format: ebook
  • The dead have risen and they are evolving A small group of survivors struggles with constant threats, from both the dead and the living Not everyone will survive Hopes will be crushed, strengths and weaknesses will be tested, and bonds will be broken.
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      M. Lauryl Lewis

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    1. Niki says:

      I was actually a little conflicted with this book Which is not to say that I didn t love every minute of it, because I did Much like its predecessor, Tainted Grace was filled with action, romance, and characters that have come to feel like family to me My confliction comes from a major plot twist that happened about seventy percent into the book I don t want to give anything away, which means I basically can t talk about it at all, but I will say that I was half and half on what happened A part [...]

    2. Kami says:

      For me this book was a step up from the 1st novel in this series The writing and dialogue are better, and just overall a better book I think the author has grown since her last book, and it shows in this book.We get the mature Zoe in this book She is struggling with her new life and circumstances all while dealing with those wacky pregnancy hormones She is scared about having a baby in this zombie infested world.I love how the group functions Everyone has different roles, and they all work toge [...]

    3. Petra Garcia says:

      HOLY SHIT I am so scared I am so a little bitch I had to skim on some paragraphs cause I was soo scared These books are better then any zombie movies I have seen I super anxious the whole time while it was reading it The best part of these books it that they dont lagg and are pretty quick reads that get the point across Plus these Zombies were original and smart to top it off SPOILER Spoiler And I still cannot believe what the refugee camp did to those remaining survivors WTFent to supposed to b [...]

    4. Robin Wings says:

      I m sort of at a loss about how highly rated these books are, mostly because there are a horde of other zombie fiction type series that are FAR better written, with equal to, or much lower scores I mean, I see potential in Lewis as a storyteller that I could really enjoy, but so far that potential is being unmet That being said, I now find myself at a bit of a crossroadsNone of the issues I found with the first book were improved As for the character development I was hoping for, nada I still fi [...]

    5. P diddy says:

      Seems like most sequels pale in comparison to the original but NOT T HIS ONE Even better than the first book A to this writer Plot twists kept it real The gore is beyond just fantastic Adult scenes are hot Not the best to read alone at night cuz its pretty freaky scary Waiting anxiously for the next one BRAVO

    6. Kcecil17 says:

      How many ways can I say I loved this book i can t freakin wait until the next one

    7. Jorra says:

      I loved this series can t wait for the third book to come out

    8. Carys Wiggans says:

      I didn t know I d love a zombie book this much, but oh I do Absolutely amazing series

    9. NormaCenva says:

      Actual Raiting 3.5 Stars

    10. Jennifer Nigh says:

      Spoiler alert.I really enjoyed reading this book I am still trying to figure out why the author felt it was necessary to have Boggs abuse Zoe and then break em up so to speak I can understand why Zoe felt the way she did with what Boggs did to her, but to have Gus and Zoe betray Boggs and Em by sleeping together That wasnt right.I am liking the direction about the runner zombies and how Zoe can read there mind or sense them most of the time It gives this book a twist from normal zombies that jus [...]

    11. Karen says:

      Not like the world isn t crazy enough when the dead rise from the grave we have to throw in the drama caused by those who are attempting to survive in this new world view spoiler So, this book picks up from the first one with Zoe trying to deal with the fact that she s now pregnant cause once the world has gone to hell in a hand basket we forget ourselves and have unprotected sex Like we had no clue where that would go The groups daily life gets interrupted by one or a group of people who appear [...]

    12. Kylee says:

      This is the next book in the series When I enjoyed this book, it had a lot of twists in the series Really good book I thought it was a bit better than the first one that is for sure It was really good I would recommend anyone who is in the mood for zombies to read the book Overall, A good book One I really enjoyed

    13. S.T. Williams says:

      Tainted Grace is the second novel in M Lauryl Lewis Grace series Going into reading this novel I knew that I didn t like the main character Zoe, she had kind of rubbed me the wrong way throughout the first novel Grace Lost and honestly if it wasn t for Ms Lewis unique take on the zombie apocalypse I probably wouldn t have even continued on in this series because of how annoying I found Zoebut continue I did and here I am at the end of the second installment still loving the concept and the world [...]

    14. Janice Colbert says:

      Once again, Lauryl Lewis has delivered another amazing book I am frustrated at the fact that I am breezing through the books You just can t put the book down The twists and turns in this story leaves my jaw dropping times than I can count I was heartbroken over Kelsey I was really angry with Zoe for not being able to sense a Runner by Kelsey I m assuming the pregnancy is messing with her being able to sense the walking dead.I really like Boggs but I am rooting for Gus and Zoe Zoe s character is [...]

    15. Alicia says:

      This is book two this three part series The third book will be released in early 2013 All I can say is WHEN Book 2 takes up exactly where the first ended, so it doesn t feel like you need to re read or have missed anything Perfect for a back to back marathon me.My biggest complaint in the last book was the lack of characters to add to their little survive the zombies group This book brings in peoplebut no one is safe Central characters are plucked off by zombies and properly disposed of by a s [...]

    16. Bookishlass says:

      Would have rated this higher except for THAT disappointing plot twist I was hell bent on liking the MC a lot But right now, I m really struggling to convince myself on finishing the book because she s got very little self control I find myself constantly rooting for Emilie and thinking she d make a much better MC than Zoe.Other than that, the story is very fast paced and keeps you wanting to find out what happens next But sadly, I fell out of like with Zoe She already started out dumb, weak and [...]

    17. Megan says:

      I finished Grace Lost and Tainted Grace both within two days because I couldn t put them down I am really impressed with how Tainted Grace played out The enemies keep changing and it kept me hooked wondering what foe they were going to face next I was completely caught off gaurd by the love triangle that emerged in this book, but I can t say that I was disappointed with it I think it s going to be interesting to see what happens with it The characters feel real, and if it wasn t for all the zomb [...]

    18. Heather says:

      I enjoyed this book I had fallen in love with the first and for some reason I didn t enjoy this one quite as much I thought the story itself was good I was hoping to see Zoe grow a little stronger in this book but felt that she still seems very helpless at times I tried to write it off in my head that she is young but there are younger characters in the book who seem to be faring better than she is.I love Gus I think he is such a strong character Without him this would be a much boring story Ov [...]

    19. Dena says:

      As the survivors get acquainted with the apocalypse we see that not everything is black and white Zombies are evolving and now Zoe is the only one that could know what to do As Zoe and Adma pick up survivors Dumb and Dumber we see the dynamics changing from relationships to the outside world I know I rate this as a 4 star and yes it is really good that it keeps your attention and you have this need to find out what happens.The story is brilliantly written with the changing zombies and the outsi [...]

    20. Melanie Knealing says:

      I love this book as much as I loved the first book in the series The cliff hangers are so hard to put up with, considering that since they cost money on , I m getting one book a month from the series I started this book yesterday April 21, 2015 and finished it today during school April 22, 2015 Either way, I know that I m probably going to read this series again After I finish reading the series for a first time

    21. J.C. Diem says:

      I liked the first one so much that I bought the second and third in the series straight away I read Grace Lost and Tainted Grace on the same day, four hours for each book I m generally a fast reader but especially when the book is gripping.Tainted Grace was an excellent follow up to Grace Lost, continuing the tale smoothly I remain impressed at the quality of the writing and with the minimal amount of errors For an indie author, I think M Lauryl Lewis has a bright future ahead of her.

    22. Carrie says:

      Book 2 in an amazing zombie apocalypse series In this book we don t just encounter zombies as foes to the survival of the group but also some deranged humans And the group has grown This is especially good since the group is always shrinking too The zombies are getting sophisticated And what is up with Zoe s pregnancy.

    23. Megan Cowman says:

      I am really impressed with how Tainted Grace played out I was caught off gaurd by the love triangle that emerged, but I can t say that I was disappointed with it I think it s going to be interesting to see how that plays out This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved it I read a lot of zombie books, and these are some of my favorites so far

    24. Laura Price says:

      Continuing saga of Zoe, Adam, Gus and Emilie What was once a safe haven is now gone They must move on with the growing group of survivors Issue of who to trust and if trust cannot be found how to escape Still love the series Do not like all the plot line but it isn t my story to write so will just go with it Will do a longer review as my schedule allows.

    25. Dustin says:

      I actually like this one then the first one the book to me seemed realistic and the main group had way emotion and you may not like them as much but I think that a good thing in this case because it give you feeling in this book these book to me make it seem like anything can happen to any of the character at anytime one of the better zombie book I ever read

    26. Tracy Oliphant says:

      I normally don t do series books but I read a review about the first book in the series and as a fan of the walking dead I couldn t resistTainted Grace 2nd book was everything I expected after reading the first

    27. Chaton says:

      I didn t like the main character But I liked the zombies I m sucked in now and will keep reading to find out what is happening to Zoe and how the zombies are adapting Their ability to hunt, bait and strategise is enthralling

    28. Deborah says:

      The Zombies are evolving Our small band of people are struggling to survive The turmoil inside the group and the terror outside is crushing their hopes Great second book in the Grace series Can t wait for the next book

    29. Jessica says:

      TAINTED GRACENot a bad quick read if you re into zombie books and somewhat graphic sex scenes Some grammar issues, mostly punctuation, not terrible I ll be getting the next one without a doubt

    30. Joanna says:

      Like the direction this story headed, but I am even annoyed with Zoe and her irresponsible behavior Come on She s a freaking idiot and everyone caters to her and treat her like a fragile little girl But love the zombies and danger around every page.

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