Jack Higgins
The Death Trade
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The Death Trade The world s most dangerous man has escaped and it s up to Sean Dillon and Co to find him before he falls into the hands of Al Qaeda When the head of Iran s nuclear weapons programme absconds he is hu
  • Title: The Death Trade
  • Author: Jack Higgins
  • ISBN: 9780007532643
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • The world s most dangerous man has escaped and it s up to Sean Dillon and Co to find him, before he falls into the hands of Al Qaeda When the head of Iran s nuclear weapons programme absconds he is hunted by everyone the Iranians, Al Qaeda and Sean Dillon s team of specialists Travelling from London, Paris, and the Middle East to the desert wastes of North Africa, itThe world s most dangerous man has escaped and it s up to Sean Dillon and Co to find him, before he falls into the hands of Al Qaeda When the head of Iran s nuclear weapons programme absconds he is hunted by everyone the Iranians, Al Qaeda and Sean Dillon s team of specialists Travelling from London, Paris, and the Middle East to the desert wastes of North Africa, it becomes a must win race Because what the scientist knows could be used to save lives, or bring about the end of all life.
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      Jack Higgins

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    1. Will says:

      SUBJECTIVE REVIEW FOLLOWS I ve read a dozen Jack Higgins books and some of them are incredibly entertaining and explore an original plot and storyline Unfortunately, The Death Trade isn t one of them Higgins gives us untrained readers the outer appearance of either writing to a deadline or padding the old 401k account He recycles characters from previous novels that we like a lot, but ties them into another middle east Al Qaeda plotline that seems very familiar Even the locales of Majorca, Alger [...]

    2. Sojourner says:

      Jack Higgins, best known for the epic novel The Eagle Has Landed, returns with one of his most famous characters in The Death Trade, which is the 20th installment in the hugely successful Sean Dillon series Iran under its conservative regime is vigorously pushing forward its nuclear program and is on the brink of making a cheap nuclear bomb which will be four times as effective as anything else on the planet Achieving such a major breakthrough would have made any nuclear scientist proud, but the [...]

    3. Brenda says:

      The Prime Minister s private army they were called but the work they did was for the good of the country and its inhabitants Newest member Sara Gideon, a decorated captain from the Afghan war and with a permanent limp to remind her of those days, along with seasoned ex IRA veteran Sean Dillon were off to Paris to a meeting of dignitaries She would attempt to meet with an old friend, an Iranian scientist who had been a good friend of her father s, but now was a virtual prisoner the subterfuge was [...]

    4. Nancy Geary says:

      Jack Higgins Sean Dillon can t do much wrong by me Jury is still out on Sara Gideon she s no Hannah Bernstein and seems to me a watered down version Glad to see the usual suspects, Ferguson, Roper, et al, are back on the job.Liked the plot pace of the story No extra fluff or filler in a Higgins novel Delves into the war on terror current situation in the Middle East without being preachy The pace of the story takes the reader along for the ride until you turn the last page and think, When s the [...]

    5. Mike French says:

      Not real excited about this one If you want to read all Sean Dillon books,go ahead I found the earlier ones exciting.

    6. L.M. Mountford says:

      I would not recommend this as a standalone Instead, you d be much better off reading the other books in the series to get to know the characters and places The book is very entertaining, this is not something to read if you want depth but the characters and plot are very entertaining with great pace and twists at every turn Forget Cussler, Ludlum, Lee and Clacey Higgins is the master of Action.

    7. Penny says:

      I think we are all getting a bit tired of Sean Dillon but the story was good and kept my interest I find it quite fascinating that Higgins continues to have nearly all of his characters drink like fish and smoke like chimneys The characters still seem to be able to kill people with one shot right after chugging down a magnum of champagne or several glasses of hard liquor and run like gazelles in spite of their tar filled lungs.None the less I keep on reading and he keeps on writing I own every o [...]

    8. Wallie Burke says:

      Can t go wrong with Dillon Company One observation the books do seem to to bet getting shorter.

    9. P V Sanders says:

      Another superb thriller from the master that is Jack HigginsWonderful tension, superb story and brilliant characters Another book to be read by all fans of great thrillers A must read.

    10. Charles Boogaard says:

      Just plain boring

    11. Red says:

      It was the British accent on the PlayAway or something Could not get into it.

    12. Scott Welch says:

      Above all things, cherish life while you can, for death is a serious business This is the quote one reads just before beginning this tale, one that starts with brutal killings occurring in Houla, Syria Thus, Higgins sets the stage for another fast paced Sean Dillon caper Death Trade deals with a potential nuclear fiasco, as an Iranian scientist has discovered, while working under extreme duress, an inexpensive means to produce nuclear bombs four times powerful than anything as yet known But, Dr [...]

    13. Eric Hansen says:

      Listened to this book on a trip to and from Chicago I did not care for it, hence the one star rating I wont be discussing the plot or story, as other reviews do that well This was the first Jack Higgins book I read, so this may be a little unfair, because this was the 20th book in the series and most readers may be familiar with the characters In this book, all the characters seemed a flat and one dimensional except for the character Husseini The series is about Sean Dillon, but in this book he [...]

    14. Bob says:

      Typical of Books by Jack Higgins, The Death Trade is Very Formulaic But A Lot of Fun I have been an on and off again fan of Jack Higgins since his excellent thriller, The Eagle Has Landed Though The Death Trade is not anywhere near as good as The Eagle Has Landed and many of his early books, it is still an enjoyable read.The Death Trade is fast reading and loaded with several several intriguing characters Some are villainous, some are heroic, but most are quite interesting and involved in exciti [...]

    15. Dan Fletcher says:

      Good story but unfortunately poorly executed There s no denying that Higgins has written some classics over the years, that I have enjoyed reading immensely, but this certainly isn t one of them The storyline itself is compelling and there are some interesting characters, including the usual suspects of Dillon Ferguson, but unfortunately the writing is lazy and downright clumsy in places, especially when it comes to dialogue, or introducing the speaker.This is a particularly clumsy example from [...]

    16. Kevin Coburn says:

      The Death Trade , by Jack Higgins, was a very gripping book, with some thrills and ongoing action Higgins definitely put hard work into this book, seeing how much detail and events he put in In my opinion, The Death Trade is one of my favorites A very brief summary of The Death Trade would be that it follows an elite special ops unit from Britain, who must prevent and Iranian scientist who wields the power to create fatal nuclear weapons Though that summary makes the book sound uneventful, it is [...]

    17. Ryland Davidson says:

      I have recently read the book The Death Trade by Jack Higgins In this thriller novel the Prime Minister of England gives an elite group of spies and commandos a mission to rescue a prominent nuclear scientist by the name of Dr Asif from the wrath of the corrupt Iranian government Along with depictingw the struggles of the elite group of commandos this narrative also goes in depth on the mental struggles Dr Asif faces as he has to choose between his life and his family s Not only is this book exc [...]

    18. Ed says:

      20 in the Sean Dillon series Dillon, a former IRA gunman, was rescued from a death sentence from the Serbs by British Security Services and offered a clean slate in return for his service with General Ferguson in the Prime Minister s secret force In this entry he is joined by Captain Sara Gideon introduced in A Devil is Waiting 2012 to try to effect the escape of an Iranian scientist and thwart Al Qaida, which also wants the scientists services Good page turner with plenty of action that at time [...]

    19. Natalya says:

      The last two books by Jack Higgins are not his usual intricate, masterfully weaved suspense.The plot s ending was easily predictable from about half way through the book.Either the writer s heart is no longer in it or he is running out of ideas for the plot.I hope to be able to see his next book written in his usual, masterfully crafter style I love his characters, appreciate the ethical religious dilemma they have to face on the background of the political interlude and espionage intrigues, whi [...]

    20. Harvey Burgess says:

      Jack Higgins and his merry band of British counterintelligence misfits, guided by General Charles Ferguson and wrangled, mostly, my ex IRA enforcer Sean Dillon, are once again plying their tradecraft against a misbegotten bunch of Al Qaeda baddies in The Death Trade While you never quite understand what anyone s ultimately trying to accomplish, it s still fun to skulk about with Sean, Billy, Sara, Roper and their assorted mates as they often casually dispatch their foes with such aplomb The cent [...]

    21. Vin Lunney says:

      Dillon is having less and less to do in these stories you wonder why he s even there at all It s a good paced thriller but you get the point Dillon would be better use playing piano in a bar That seems to be his thing the former terrorist who wows everyone with his keyboard skills Man of a thousand face with the voice skills to match, Cambridge level acting talent we ve seen none of these skills played on and it s been a long time since fans have seen any insights or growth in Dillon Jack Higgin [...]

    22. Phil Deschler says:

      A story about the new character Sara Gideon, somewhat a loner and impulsive When she knows action needs to be taken she can rush head long into trouble without backup Even strong characters like Dillon, the Salters, Doyle Roper work together as a team In one part Sara is going to attempt a rescue on her own Dillon has to chase her to her own plane to give her back up It will be interesting to see how her character developers.The book starts slow and builds as it goes along It is a story between [...]

    23. Linda says:

      This book has a lot of action as Sean Dillon, Sara Gideon, and the Salters battle al Qaeda operatives.Sara s family friend Simon Husseini is an Iranian doctor who was working on medical isotopes Since he was one of the world s leading experts regarding uranium enrichment, he was strongly encouraged to extend his research into nuclear weapons His mother and daughter were being held hostage to ensure that the bomb was constructed When he found that his family had been killed, he escaped to Lebanon [...]

    24. Tom Tischler says:

      An eminent Iranian scientist has made a major breakthroughin nuclear weapons research but he doesn t want his country owning the bomb He cannot run they have his mother and sister.Sean Dillon and a small band known as The Prime Ministers armyhear of this and now must come up with a plan to rescue thescientist They also have a new member Captain Sara Gideon andshe is an Afghan war hero Murphy s Law comes into effect now as the best laid plans always have pit falls and as this operation goes from [...]

    25. Jeff Crosby says:

      As this series continues, Sean Dillon often plays a smaller role in the stories The ensemble cast are familiar, like old friends, and the stories follow an increasingly repetitive pattern.In the last novel, Higgins left no loose ends Too often, the recent Dillon stories leave at least one villain behind for future use Unfortunately, Higgins takes us onto an all too familiar canvas as we encounter another set of fanatical terrorists who underestimate the lethality of Dillon and his allies.What t [...]

    26. Scott Parsons says:

      The Sean Dillon series by Higgins has become a never ending serial I don t remember how many of these he has churned out in recent years The characters are plastic caricatures the plot is extremely formulaic Killing a villain is like you are playing a poor video game You have Dillon and his usual gang of anti terrorism fighters as the Good Guys and another variant s on a Middle East terrorist s as the Bad Guys Of course the Good Guys win This series is becoming tedious and boringHiggins like Pat [...]

    27. Bella Swann says:

      This was an interesting story that was bringing in some new characters who will clearly become direct players in future novels I liked the story overall but the main climax left me feeling unclear how I felt about what Higgins did I don t want to be too specific as that would be an unnecessary spoiler There was a wrap up final type of ending but that was not really that unusual from how these types of novels usually end I do think that future stories with these characters will be good and perha [...]

    28. MichaelB says:

      The Death Trade by Jack Higgins was in interesting book about an Iranian scientist who is under pressure by the radical Muslims to create a nuclear weapon The Muslims have the scientist s Huseinni wife and daughter as hostages The British Sean Dillon and Sara Gideon are sent to rescue this scientist who decides to escape when he finds out about the hostage deaths The book had a good plot but the story could have been concise The British had side missions during the story such as blowing up ship [...]

    29. Judee. Fong. says:

      The Death Trade by Jack Higgins is a light read, set in today s headlines of nuclear weaponry I ve always been a fan of Jack Higgins, whether it is his stand alone books or his series with General Ferguson, Sean Dillon and the British SIS team, answerable only to the Prime Minister This book also showcases one of the newer members, Sara Gideon, an Afghanistan veteran and Medal of Honor, who shows some of her hidden talents as well as proving that she is an able member of the team This is a story [...]

    30. Daniel says:

      I really struggled to finish this book I hated the writing and the story line really bored me in parts Usually, I love these types of books so when I saw this in the bookshop I sprung upon it I guess this is to my disappointment now I don t really know what I should have expected, I suppose it just wasn t this To be truthful, school did get in the way while I was reading this, meaning it took me quite a while to get through this but it still seemed I just didn t have the willpower to continue.

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