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Finn Lost and starving Finn wakes to a poisoned world but a man comes to him a white light in the darkness can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken modern man When Diego rescues
  • Title: Finn
  • Author: AngelMartinez
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lost and starving, Finn wakes to a poisoned world, but a man comes to him, a white light in the darkness can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken, modern man When Diego rescues a naked man from the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge, he just wants to get the poor man out of traffic and to social services He gets than he bargained for when he discoveLost and starving, Finn wakes to a poisoned world, but a man comes to him, a white light in the darkness can a centuries old pooka find what he needs with a heartbroken, modern man When Diego rescues a naked man from the rail of the Brooklyn Bridge, he just wants to get the poor man out of traffic and to social services He gets than he bargained for when he discovers Finn is an ailing pooka, poisoned by the city s pollution To help him recover, Diego takes him to New Brunswick where Finn inadvertently wakes an ancient, evil spirit the wendigo.While they struggle to find a way to destroy the wendigo before it can possess Diego or kill nearby innocents, Diego wrestles with his growing feelings for Finn Kill the monster and navigate a relationship between a modern man and a centuries old pooka Piece of cake.
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    1. Nancy says:

      Finn was just the story I needed to warm my heart and lift my spirits after being sick with bronchitis all week.Diego is not terribly good at taking care of himself His greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others When he finds a cold, sick and naked man on the Brooklyn Bridge, his caring and empathetic nature comes to life as he brings the man home and helps him recover.It turns out this unusual man is an ancient Fae known as a Pooka, and recovery from his illness requires he spend s [...]

    2. Optimist ♰King"s Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion says:

      I m hovering in the 3.5 to 4 Hearts range, so I m just going to round up to 4.A pooka poo ka po ok nounnoun pooka plural noun pookas in Irish mythology a hobgoblin.I d never heard of such a thing Fairies, yes Pookas, no Can t say that any Finn set the bar high as far as pookas go He s a delight He s also a shapeshifting pooka who can shift into a DRAGON squeals with delight Finn and Diego first meet on the Brooklyn Bridge Diego believes Finn s about to jump and Diego has a penchant for saving lo [...]

    3. Ami says:

      Diego is a savior of all things stray Even if one of his strays was able to hurt him, he just can t stop doing so His heart is just too big which doesn t sit well with his lover, who ends up leaving him Diego s latest save is a naked man, crouching on a rail of Brooklyn Bridge Little that he knows, the man, Finn, is an endangered fae, a pooka And he will fill Diego s heart with love.I didn t bought the 1st edition due to Ms Martinez s warning about the legal dispute When this 2nd edition is rele [...]

    4. Sunny says:

      Charming, romantic, this story was a delight The characters, especially Finn, got to me right away Finn, so confused and indignant in the beginning, and Diego, with his huge heart Both of themsweet, funny, sexyoh, yeah Their personalities came through in the dialogue, which was very well done I liked having action mixed with the warm fuzzies It added some nice tension.I did think the ending was a little too drawn out after the climax, but it meant I got time with the MCs, so I won t complain

    5. Kassa says:

      This is one of those rare gems that I usually wouldn t bother buying but thank god I did because this is a rare, truly fabulous story Although I hardly, if ever, shop at Red Rose Publishing, I was over checking out the newest releases and the blurb attracted me While I had some reservations and really didn t appreciate the cover, I still wanted to give this book a try I even went so far as to read the excerpt which I never do and was intrigued enough to get What a complete gem hiding out in the [...]

    6. Tori Thompson says:

      Let s start off by talking about these two men What a mess they both are Diego is a sweet, caring, naive idiot He is too good to others, to the point he s been injured and can barely keep himself fed At some point before this book starts, in an attempt to help a homeless man, he was beaten to the point he now has seizures He lives in Brooklyn, is a barely self employed writer, and has recently been dumped by his douchebag lover He s just managing to get by, buying pretzels for the local homeless [...]

    7. The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears says:

      I must thank my partner for the LGBT Fantasy June Pick It For Me challenge, Elizabeth She hit all my happy buttons with this book and Angel Martinez who s been on my radar for quite some time has definitely impressed me with this one.Let me say this first, Finn is that rarity in a unacceptably whitewashed M M romance genre it is an interracial romance featuring a lead gay male PoC Most of the reviewers who obviously loved the book as much as I did failed to mention this fact, but I m not into er [...]

    8. Dee Wy says:

      A great start to a series I ve had this book for ages 2009 edition and just never got to it, but I m so glad I finally loaded it on my Kindle Diego is a writer who suffers from seizures but spends most of his spare time helping others and looking after the homeless When we meet him, he has recently broken up with an unsympathetic boyfriend whom I wanted to strangle Diego and Finn meet when Diego is the only person to stop to help the man who is about to jump off a bridge Of course Diego is certa [...]

    9. Raevyn says:

      This is the first book I have read by this author and I now know that I will probably read everything she has written or will write in the future Her writing style is poetic but not over the top and her characters are rich and beautifully drawn.Finn was a delight to get to know His lack of knowledge of things in the current age was endearing I loved the way he learned his way around things, but mostly it was the way he loved Diego that got to me He gave his heart fully and sweetly.Diego was a tr [...]

    10. Emy says:

      When Diego spots the naked man on the bridge, he thinks he is preparing to jump After getting him home and safe, Diego realises that Finn is stuck in another century, just another psychiatric oddity he needs to hand over to social services But soon, Diego realises that Finn is fae, not crazy, and he soon learns that there are also much darker things out thereOne of the things I love the most about Angel Martinez s work I am working my way through her back catalogue is the way her characters fit [...]

    11. Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews says:

      4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress So for those who are wondering if it is worth buying this version of Finn if you already have the first version, I say yes because there are just enough changes that made it worth my while to read and the cover has so much chest acreage did I say that out loud Diego rescues a man who is naked except for a blanket, Diego has a habit to trying to rescue everyone and it has got him in trouble in the past, when the man says [...]

    12. Nikyta *Miss Forgetful* says:

      Honestly, I didn t have high hopes I d like this book because of the fact that I picked it up and put it down so long ago but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I did like it overall I suppose I just wasn t in the right mood the last time I tried reading it and that is why my opinion is completely different now This was quite an interesting story Diego is a writer and when he meets Finn and takes him to Canada, he starts to write and about what Finn is and how Finn has lived his life Die [...]

    13. Candice says:

      Oh how I love Finn Diego is a stray rescuer, he just can t help him He not only helps stray animals, but he feeds the homeless on the streets and makes friends with them He s just a giver, even if his life is crap He can t write any, writers block , his boyfriend broke up with him, and he has seizures So when he s driving down the road he sees a naked man on the bridge, he doesn t even think twice to help It s his nature to want to help He knows something is wrong with the man, but he immediatel [...]

    14. Melanie says:

      Rating 4.5 stars out of 5For my full review, visit wp p220KL 2xbFrom my review It didn t take me long to fall under the magical spell that Angel Martinez creates for Finn, the first in her Endangered Fae series With her first setting the melting pot that is Brooklyn, Martinez starts to spin a yarn that will incorporate a number of different mythologies into a romance with supernatural overtones There is the Irish p ca also pooka, phouka , the Wendigo from the Algonquian Nation, and Taliesin, a w [...]

    15. Catherine says:

      Once and a while you pick up a book that stretches your imagination Finn is that book First, and not to be overlooked, this is a Male Male romance written by a woman for women It holds everything a romance novel should, souls wanting the ultimate mate to connect with, and a story to be told in the process of finding the prefect partner in life Set in a world of shifters and wendigos, Finn is a perfect blend of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance Ms Martinez weaves a universe with her pen, blend [...]

    16. Lillian Francis says:

      I actually finished this last night having read the whole thing in under 4 hours Yes, it was so good I couldn t put it down until I d devoured every last part of it.Once again I am in awe At the lyrical feeling of the language used At the seemless use of myths and tales, of which I am only vaguely aware, intricately weaved into a mesmorising story.Angel Martinez is fast becoming one of favourites.

    17. Robert says:

      I really enjoy this story of Finn and Diego What a great couple who meet and start to develop a very unique relationship given Finn s history as a fairy Maybe I m late to the game but this type of character was new to me and this tale made me a fan I can t wait to read Diego

    18. MLE says:

      Interesting take on magic, and the fae I liked the characters, Finn s irreverant sense of humor, and Diego s heart They worked well together, and I hope to read about them.

    19. Gina says:

      This is my first read by this author and it won t be my last Excellent writing, storytelling and characters I love Finn Must read

    20. Georgie says:

      Intriguing set up, and Finn s incomprehension with modern US ways is mildly amusing, though his manner of speech lurches disoncertingly from mock Old Irish to street talk But the book then veers off into OTT magical battles that don t really develop either MC and aren t I m afraid particularly interesting of themselves.

    21. Tony-Paul Vissage says:

      The vehicle of using an alien creature to comment on modern problems and foibles isn t a new one Swift used it in Gulliver s Travels, which has since degenerated into a children story and no one probably even realizes it was once a social commentary From the moment Finn awakens in an oil slick with other dead and dying water creatures, to his problems with twentieth first century food, air, water, inventions, and social conventions, some great points are made in favor of recycling and other atte [...]

    22. Robert Charles says:

      Ok, so I m a little late in getting up to date here, but I was living in Interesting Times as some of our Asian friends might comment This was my introduction to this genre, and I m in utter amazement of the author s deft but oh so gentle guidance through this tender and vulnerable period of passage, as it were I can neither confirm nor deny anything about any physiological responses I may or may not have experienced during this initiation Political reasons You understand I was disappointed by m [...]

    23. Alex says:

      While I was not blown away by the writing or story found within these pages, it was a very enjoyable read I suppose if I compared it to others in the genre, it was, in fact, superb The mix of queer romance with fantastic elements was pleasing to my taste buds, as was the well concocted mix of plot and sex While the writing itself wasn t perfect, it was palatable enough to read this short novel Honestly I enjoyed the plot thoroughly, where we have characters that get development albeit sometimes [...]

    24. Vastine Bondurant says:

      I suppose Ms Martinez s books need to come with warnings Do not start this book unless you are prepared to finish in one sitting.This is my second book by the author I had previously read Vassily the Beautiful and both readings have had me spellbound.I d read an excerpt in a promo once, some time ago, for Finn, but had failed to bookmark it So, when I found it, I was anxious to dig into it.Diego and Finn, the main characters, are beautiful together I won t waste time on the plot dynamics, except [...]

    25. Diane says:

      I loved this book so much that by Chapter 3 I had gone on to Silver and preordered the other two I loved both characters, Diego s big, open heart, Finn s innocence if you want to call it that The supporting characters of Tia Carmen and Miriam, give the support system the two main characters need to navigate their way and I enjoyed the path their relationship took in the story, leading to the challenge they overcome together, to be true partners and I m really looking forward to other books fortu [...]

    26. Trix says:

      It was a nice read spoiler ahead I had started this after a series of books which included significant focus on sex and thus, was pleasantly surprised to read something that used the sexual encounters are backgroun color, rather than ploy in the story.Diego was a sweet character, though too naive and innocent Even if this was later described as a characteristic of his special nature One would indeed need to be very trusting of people, even after having been attacked by someone one was trying to [...]

    27. JR says:

      I am really happy when I fall in love with the main characters as soon as I have read a few pages This is the case with Finn and Diego Angel Martinez has created a world I want to be a part of, a world I don t want to leave Finn is a Fae that has been in the Dreaming for about seven hundred years Diego rescues him from a bridge Rescuing others is something Diego does a lot, but he does not realize that he needs rescuing till he meets Finn There are many wonderful moments where Finn learns about [...]

    28. Omega696 says:

      Diego is really great at taking care of others Every single soul with nowhere to go finds a place in his heart and house He s not so great with taking care of himself He has barely enough to feed himself, his work is not going well, he s strugling with ocasional seisures and his lover just left him Even so, when he saw Finn on a bridge he stoped his car and went to help him Little did he know that he s not just another homeless person but a Fae That hits Diego hard, most of the book he s working [...]

    29. Will Parkinson says:

      So I read this book And effin loved every second of it Finn was an amazing main character Funny, sweet, sexy without meaning to be A stranger to the ways of the modern world, he moods a guide When one finds him, it s not clear how it will play out His savior, Diego, has a douche ex boyfriend who plays his role to the hilt , but it s Finn who knows him best I m dying for the second book, Diego.

    30. Ayanna says:

      4.5 rounded upIt s really well written The ideas are a little over the top at times, but well incorporated The characterization isn t bad quite solid, in fact and the plot s interesting.It s definitely not one of those typical m m supernatural ones that are mostly sex with a dash of plot thrown in In fact, I think there s only a couple of sex scenes in the whole book.

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