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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder
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Red Velvet Cupcake Murder The sixteenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier It s a hot summer s evening in Lake Eden Min
  • Title: Red Velvet Cupcake Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The sixteenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier It s a hot summer s evening in Lake Eden, Minnesota perfect for the Grand Opening of the refurbished Albion Hotel Hannah Swensen s famous Red Velvet cupcakes are the talk of the night, until Doctor Bev, the womanThe sixteenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier.It s a hot summer s evening in Lake Eden, Minnesota perfect for the Grand Opening of the refurbished Albion Hotel Hannah Swensen s famous Red Velvet cupcakes are the talk of the night, until Doctor Bev, the woman who left town after two timing her husband, turns up unexpectedly Things go from bad to worse when another partygoer takes a dive off the hotel s rooftop garden As the police investigate, Hannah is preoccupied with Bev s attempts to stir things up with old flame Norman, who s since reunited with Hannah When Bev is found dead at the bottom of Miller s Pond, things reach boiling point To everyone s shock, Hannah is now the target of a murder investigation and she s feeling the heat like never before
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      Joanne Fluke

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    1. Marian says:

      Hunh A quick review of other reviews leaves me a bit confused Normally I m right there, leading the pack of fans clamoring for Hannah to pick Mike or Norman or dump them both but this time around I don t think it really mattered to the plot.I enjoy the Hannah mysteries because I like most of the characters, I d love to work at The Cookie Jar, and there s usually a recipe or two I want to try They re fluffy reads and there s no shame in that.The plus with mysteries is that if the series goes on l [...]

    2. Melodie says:

      I have had it, had it, HAD IT with this series Don t know why I am being so generous by giving it 2 stars Guess I just can t bring myself to give an old friend 1 16 books and this beyond stupid love triangle is still going on And NO ONE is having sex C monI get the general idea that Mike s a horn dog , if he wasn t getting it from Hannah after all this time, he d be SO out the door instead of asking her to marry him And I have no idea in what universe 2 grown men who are supposedly in love with [...]

    3. Jennifer says:

      Wellother murder in Lake Edenother struggle between Mike and Norman It s getting old I was a huge fan of this series, but after reading 16 of them, I can pretty much predict who is the victim and who is the killer after about the first two chapters I ll still read them, because they re quick reads and cute, but so dated it almost makes me want to throw the book or my Kindle through the window Why does Hannah always feel the need to cook dinner for Mike He s got a good job, can t he pick up somet [...]

    4. Melanie says:

      Joanne Fluke was the first cozy author I liked I thought all her books were exciting, fun and familar I am going to list my pros and cons about the book I will not continue this series I am done I also have to note that my review is not unique I have read similar reviews, so I hope Mrs Fluke is listening.ConsI am tired of the love triangle I have had enough Why doesn t Hannah pick someone It s been too long The men are stupid to stick around with no hint of her marrying either one And Fluke has [...]

    5. Lorna says:

      Well, I knew I was in for a wild ride when the book started out with almost a whole page devoted to wait for it putting on pantyhose Yes The rest is standard Hannah fare except for a new obsession with clich s, which is hilarious because this whole series has become clich d.I m beginning to think Kensington must pay by the word I can think of no other reason why she constantly uses ten words where she can use three, especially in the recipes My daughter once had a science assignment where she ha [...]

    6. Tamara says:

      The Triangle that will not end Hannah finds a body Hannah solves the murder Hannah wears pantsuits and pantyhose Hannah and Andrea have these long exciting convos Hi Hannah Hi Andrea And the back and forth continues.It s not bad, per se It s just not even half as good as it used to be These books are library books from now on My review Traveling With T

    7. Mae says:

      I find the first few pages to be rather slow and annoying because Shocker the man is Hannah s room is her cat, which if you ve been dedicated to the series and read all the books this is book 16 you ll immediately know I have no clue why Fluke wrote the first chapter all about panty hose, since it s rather dull and I ended up skimming the chapter Honestly, describing the ways to put them on It s as if she needed to reach her quota, so she wrote chapter one.Hannah naturally finds the body and wor [...]

    8. Kavita says:

      This REALLY is literally one of the worst books I have ever read I had been waiting to read one of the books from this series for a long time now since they had a good rating But there isn t one single good thing about this book First of all, my main problem is the misogyny in this book The detective keeps berating herself for being a few kilos overweight Everyone is having liposuction and filling their faces with Botox WTF The villainous women are made to talk like some sexy vamp of the 30s I v [...]

    9. Erin says:

      Joanne Fluke was the first cozy author I liked Heck she was the first author to introduce me to the cozy genre And actually, she s the only author I stuck with having given up on Diana Mott Davidson long ago and very short into the series I enjoyed this series for a very long time even though each book was pretty much the same and the writing started getting simpler and simpler I tried to stick with it though, which brings us to now.Another reviewer wrote I am tired of the love triangle I have h [...]

    10. Jane Cray says:

      The murder plot itself was good but Hannah is on my nerves What is her attraction for these two guys She can cook She smells like cookies Not to say that all my heroines have to be perfectly beautiful but she sounds pretty unattractive most of the time Also I felt like the text was padded out with too much extraneous detail seriously almost a whole page on her not charging her cell phonend she has chargers two different placesd notes to remind herd blah, blah, blah Also I feel like the author is [...]

    11. Karen Blinn says:

      Hannah Swenson and her bakery have returned to solve another murder in Lake Eden, Minnesota The book begins at the grand re opening of the Albion Hotel, now converted into condominiums, that Hannah s sister, Andrea, is trying to sell The party screeches to a halt when a party goer plummets off of the roof of the hotel Then, Dr Bev, Norman s former fiance, arrives back in town to move into the penthouse She is supposedly going to marry the developer Of course, the love triangle of Hannah, Mike an [...]

    12. Joanna Warrens says:

      I was sent an advanced copy by Kensington and it was a perfect Saturday afternoon read I have read almost all of this series and enjoyed them This is a pretty standard cozy but the recipes set them apart Fluke provides a lot of recipes and for a culinary cozy reader it s a standout.

    13. Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews says:

      Okay, the cozy mystery element was spot on I found that I followed this mystery very closely and even though it had a bit of a love triangle I liked the food elements but ending each chapter with a cooking recipe was not something I cared for AND it also made me hungry lol

    14. Nancy Narma says:

      A Cozy Filled With Mystery, Murder and Surprises If you enjoyed Ms Fluke s Cinnamon Roll Murder , you re going to be over the top thrilled with this action packed volume Lake Eden is all abuzz with excitement as the Grand Opening of the poshly renovated Albion Hotel is about to begin complete with eye popping condos and a jaw dropping, bank account draining penthouse fit for a king, complete with a domed tropical rooftop garden andbreathtaking view Owner, Roger Dalworth From the Cities spared no [...]

    15. Katie Bee says:

      I am laughing out loud reading some of these reviews I agree with all of the criticisms, especially that ummmm HELLO Joanne Fluke it s 2013 I think Joanne Fluke might be a total weirdo I honestly had to double check when this book was written because I couldn t believe it was written after 1990 I read a couple of the older Hannah Swensen books and they re still talking about TAPING things on TV Really do they even sell VHS s any And the idiots in this town don t know how to use them Speaking of [...]

    16. Tamara says:

      This is the sixteenth installment of this long series, although it certainly has felt even longer And the biggest, most evident theme throughout all of these books than Swedish Plasma, than cats, than her bizarre penchant for randomly italicising sentences, even than baking and cookies and eating is Joanne Fluke s masterful flair for self preservation She has figured out that keeping Hannah torn between two lovers, as it were, will keep bringing readers to each new book, if for weary curiosi [...]

    17. Lisa Elizabeth says:

      I think it s time this series was laid to rest When you can figure out the murderer and the victim really early, you need compelling characters and relationships to make the read worthwhile.Unfortunately, these characters are just frustrating A 30something woman with 2 boyfriends for 2 years, both of whom have proposed, and yet neither has ever spent the night No indication of anything beyond kissing It s a bit ridiculous.Love triangles are good tension builders, yes, but there is absolutely no [...]

    18. QNPoohBear says:

      2 5 starsIt s hotter than hot in Lake Eden and Hannah has to suffer putting on dress clothes and pantyhose to attend the opening of the newly renovated Albion Hotel The Cookie Jar is catering dessert and her sister Andrea is working for the owner, Roger Dalworth, to show the penthouse apartment The event turns scary when the police secretary, Barbara Donnelly, falls off the roof Barbara survives, but barely and her memory is impaired She seems convinced someone is trying to kill her and there s [...]

    19. terpkristin says:

      I ve been in a reading funk lately This book might have been exactly what I needed to snap out of the funk, to get ready for my next big read in early March.A light, fluffy mystery book with a little bit of thriller aspect, this book is exactly the type of thing I turn to when I want to read something instead of say, watching TV but don t want to have to think too much I eat these like popcorn and they mostly lump into the category of Beach books for me i.e books I d read while relaxing at the b [...]

    20. Rogue Reader says:

      Joanne Fluke s latest Hanna Swensen mystery, Red Velvet Cupcake Murder was a sweet, simple surprise this Valentine s Day In the middle of a complex work week, Red Velvet Cupcake Murder arrived in the mail to calm my mind and delight my soul And the wonderful recipes tease my palate My delight was unexpected and I didn t realize how much I needed the quick escape into a light read complete with loving friends and family, a bit of romance, an uncomplicated plot and no blood, gore or terror There s [...]

    21. Kwoomac says:

      I blame myself for this one because I knew what to expect and I went there anyway Admittedly, I generally like the formula of books with recipes Snoopy girl runs a bakery and gets caught up in the many murders that take place in her quaint little town There is often lots of talk about food, which I like, followed by a recipe Some of the cake and cookie recipes seemed fine although I m not really into sweets but I was not happy with other foods our heroine cooks There s some kind of pasta with cr [...]

    22. April Wood says:

      All Hannah Swenson wants to do is bake and deliver red velvet cupcakes for the grand opening of a refurbished hotel However, Hannah gets herself embroiled into yet another mystery when one of the party goers, the sheriff s secretary , is either pushed or jumps from the rooftop of the hotel To make things even worse, Hannah s long time rival Doctor Bev is back, and in attendance at the partyEveryone is preoccupied with solving the mystery, except Doctor Bev, who is preoccupied with getting back t [...]

    23. Tonia Dempsey says:

      Almost A ComebackI ll admit I was excited for this book to come out just to see how ridiculous it would be I ve read the series from the beginning and really enjoyed it at first, but then it just started going down hill, as you will see from some of my other reviews After the last book, I had no idea what to expect with Red Velvet But, to my complete surprise, I actually enjoyed this latest installment I liked the mystery and the storm filled ending and also enjoyed the fact that Hannah was not [...]

    24. Darcy says:

      I started out reading listening to the audio version of the book and it was horrible The narrator did not do anything to help out this series that needs to end I hate to say it, but it is time for Hannah to keep finding dead bodies, for everyone in town to depend on her to solve the crime doesn t bode well for the police force , and most especially for her to pick between Norman and Mike I am actually getting tired of all of that, but most especially the triangle between the three of them I am n [...]

    25. Dale Harcombe says:

      At the time of reading this I wanted something light after a few heavy novels This filled the bill It is a cosy mystery with a likeable main character in Hannah, who not only bakes but solves crimes But this time it is Hannah that is accused of murder Will she be able to prove her innocence and what will this do to her relationship with Mike the police officer and friendships with others in town If you like cosy mysteries, which I only occasionally read, you should enjoy this A bonus is a number [...]

    26. Shirley Schwartz says:

      I think this book will be my last Hannah Swenson book I ve been noticing that the story quality is going downhill in the last few books I used to really like these books and I loved Hannah and her madcap family and friends, but now not so much Nothing seems to go anywhere in these books For example Hannah still hasn t made a choice between Norman and Mike What real grown men would put up with that situation for years and years And there are quite a few holes in the plot in this book I don t mind [...]

    27. Kate says:

      This is my favorite cozy series and although the love triangle bothers me a bit, there is enough movement with the other characters and the series as a whole is just so good that it doesn t matter as much to me I really liked this installment and thought the ending was exciting and a bit scary, just like it should be It also made things even clearer about who Hannah belongs with and I do hope she ll make her choice soon, as the answer is so obvious it s a bit ridiculous The news at the end has m [...]

    28. Sharon Chance says:

      Joanne Fluke takes her readers on a whirlwind of mystery solving in her latest Hannah Swenson Mystery, RED VELVET CUPCAKE MURDER This time around, bakery shop owner amateur sleuth Hannah solves not just one, but two murder mysteries that have turned the small town of Lake Eden upside down Fast paced and lively, this charming story has the intrigue of mystery and the deliciousness of out of this world recipes that fans so look forward to each time.This is the 18th book in Joanne Fluke s series, a [...]

    29. Kamons says:

      16 15 9 10

    30. Catherine says:

      When you read on of Hannah Swensen Murder mystery, you have read them all Only the victim and the cookies have changed All n all they are quick easy reads that fill the space between really really good books.

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