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Blackberry Pie Murder
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Blackberry Pie Murder The seventeenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier It s been a sleepy summer in Lake Eden Min
  • Title: Blackberry Pie Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The seventeenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier It s been a sleepy summer in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and that means Hannah Swensen can finally focus on running her much loved bakeryor can she With her mother s wedding a month away, she is up to her eyes decidThe seventeenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier.It s been a sleepy summer in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and that means Hannah Swensen can finally focus on running her much loved bakeryor can she With her mother s wedding a month away, she is up to her eyes deciding whether to use buttercream or fondant for the wedding cake.When Hannah accidentally hits a stranger while driving down her Cookie Truck a country road, she finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation An autopsy soon reveals the mystery man, his shirt covered in blackberry pie stains, would have died even without the hit Now, to clear her name, Hannah will have to follow a trail of pie crumbs to track down the identity of the deceased before getting herself to the church on time.
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    1 Blog on “Blackberry Pie Murder

    1. Jennifer Burtch says:

      It makes me sad to give this book only one star I have read all of the Hannah books and this by far is the worst and such a complete and utter disappointment The storyline was so weak There wasn t a murder There wasn t even an ending I thought the book hadn t downloaded to my kindle properly and I was missing something There were way too many recipes please put them at the end of the book and not between the chapters The characters seemed juvenile in the way they spoke to one another and interac [...]

    2. Sparkle says:

      Spoilers A storm forces Hannah to drive a back road to avoid rising waters which ultimately leads to her hitting and killing a guy on the side of the road Long story short, the guy would have died anyway because of head trauma suffered in a fightturns out he s a pimp from minneapolis chasing down a girl trying to escape him, who is posing as a girl who was missing for 16 yearss, unbelievable Long boring story that treats the reader like a moron How many words does it really take to describe the [...]

    3. Barbara says:

      In this 17th book in the series, cookie shop owner Hannah Swensen and her bakery partner Lisa are riding in the bakery truck when hazardous weather leads to an accident Turns out Hannah has struck and killed a man on the side of the road The dead man has no ID but his nice clothes and the diamond in his tooth indicate he s not an itinerant drifter An autopsy reveals the man was beat up before his death, but Hannah s truck actually killed him Before long Hannah is arrested for vehicular homicide [...]

    4. Kerry Boerst says:

      SeriouslyDoes anyone ever read what their friends have to say about the books they ve read I really doubt that very many people care enough about what their friends are reading to take the time to actually read through the review that was so carefully written.On the off chance that someone does give a flying f ck about what I have read, this is what I thought about the Blackberry Pie Murder I liked it than the last two books in the series combined The last two were such crap that I nearly decid [...]

    5. Ashley Arthur says:

      This is the seventeenth book in Joanne Fluke s mystery series about Hannah Swenson, owner of Lake Eden Minnesota s coffee shop and bakery called The Cookie Jar Hannah, along with her mother and sisters, has developed a reputation for uncovering dead bodies It s been several months since the Swenson girls solved a mystery, and Hannah is looking forward to focusing on her bakery and planning her mother s wedding But Hannah s peace of mind is short lived, and in the midst of a terrible thunderstorm [...]

    6. Cris says:

      This series was so fun at first Now Not so much It still has potential to end on a great book or two, but it s gotten very stale, and rather unbelievable The ending was very abrupt, and now we have to wait a year to learn what could have easily been wrapped up in an epilogue or final chapter By the time that year rolls around, I m not sure I ll care about Hannah s case, unfortunately.

    7. Jac (For Love and Books) says:

      I have been a Hannah Swensen fan since the Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder was originally released I was a senior in high school, and am now in my 30 s if that tells you how long I ve been following this saga While I still enjoy aspects, the series is tired and I m ready for Hannah to pick between Mike and Norman which isn t even really a question any, since the men have become besties themselves and settle down into a nice, quiet, murder free life.That said Blackberry Pie came with a new twist Han [...]

    8. Lisa Currier says:

      I always say I am done with the series, but read the new one, mostly for the recipes The series needs some conclusions Hannah is a grown woman who can t decided between her boyfriends , shocked that other adults are having sex I mean, seriously The story was weak, light fluff.

    9. Jess says:

      This is the seventeenth book in the Hannah Swensen series and features the usual cast of characters I didn t read the previous book so I m not sure if this one picks up right where it left off, but I didn t feel as though I was missing any important information.The plot of this book was slightly different then almost every other book in this series because Hannah didn t just stumble on the body or one of her family members but instead she ran over it while driving her cookie truck Now Hannah is [...]

    10. Heather Schmitt says:

      I agree with other reviewers of this book PLEASE,Hannah Joanne,for the love of God, pick a boyfriend JUST ONE My vote would be for Norman,who would be every woman s dream,and I can t comprehend just WHY Hannah is still interested in that schmuck Mike.And the only time she shows any relationship fire is when she thought she might lose Norman Mike to a past flame in previous books in the series.Really what man in their right mind would be strung along like this ,other than in Ms.Fluke s world Hann [...]

    11. Susan B says:

      I was torn between giving this book 2 or 3 stars, but ultimately went with two The writing is just okay I think I keep reading books in this series because I m invested in the characters, especially Hannah, her sisters and her mother They ve been well developed and I enjoy reading about their relationships with each other I m not at all invested in Mike as a character and Hannah doesn t convince me to be I think we re all getting tired of the Mike vs Norman storyline Please Ms Fluke, just get on [...]

    12. Teresa says:

      This is even fluffier than it sounds Cotton candy for the brain I need to note that she recommends a graham cracker crust for a buttermilk pie That s just wrong.

    13. C says:

      The series has gone on too long without any progress in the characters Either kill it or move them forward I m glad I no longer buy these and just borrow them from the library.

    14. Susan says:

      Joanne Fluke s twenty novels about bakery owner amateur sleuth Hannah Swensen have become less and less interesting In fact, I could not force myself to finish this one.Hannah is the Jessica Fletcher of Lake Eden, Minnesota She and her family members have found so many dead bodies that the local newspaper prints an article pointing out that the Swensens have not found a corpse in four months Well, you know what that means Do you remember the essay in which Mark Twain listed James Feni Cooper s l [...]

    15. Clare O"Beara says:

      I enjoy both sides of Joanne Fluke s books the mystery and the recipes Start with the lime and optional vodka cookie bars An August rain storm brings branches crashing down onto roads and causes Hannah Swensen s truck to leave the country road and hit a person She s understandably distraught.Three Minnesota sisters run the Cookie Jar store and coffee shop and stumble over than their share of murders Now Hannah s an unintentional killer Previously the ladies main concern was arranging their noto [...]

    16. Denise Zendel says:

      I wanted to be able to say I really liked this book I own up to book 12 in the series in either hardback or paperback , but it s somewhere between meh and OK I m having a love hate relationship with this series I love the recurring characters and the recipes my office mates are very happy every time I read one of these books because they get the benefits What I don t love is that a grown 30 something woman who runs a successful business is incapable of making decisions about her own life.In thi [...]

    17. Mark Baker says:

      It s been four months since Hannah last found a dead body, and the only thing on her mind is getting her mother to settle on something for her wedding That is until a sever summer storm forces Hannah to lose control of her car and hit a man, killing him But no one recognizes him Who is he And what was he doing in Lake Eden There is little that changes in the lives of the characters, but I still enjoyed visiting them again since I found them their normal charming selves The cliffhanger at the end [...]

    18. Kevin says:

      This is one of the best book in the series so far view spoiler Putting Hannah in danger with the law really ramps up the excitement and the outpouring of support from family and friends adds to the character depth of this long running series hide spoiler A guilty favorite.

    19. Mystereity Reviews says:

      More like 2 1 2 stars Not as bad as the last one, but the inane dialogue prevents it from being better While never a hip, snappy series, it is getting a bit maudlin and the dialogue sounds dated In some places, it reads like an 80s sitcom The plot itself was interesting and was the only thing that kept me from chucking the whole thing view spoiler The whole scene where Hannah was arrested was justridiculous In fact, the whole plot point was just ridiculous If Hannah should be arrested for anythi [...]

    20. Lina says:

      It s sad when a series I ve enjoyed gets old and worn out I ve read this series because I enjoyed the quirky characters who populate Lake Eden, not because I care about solving the murder mystery The last couple of books have been disappointing Minor characters who used to appear regularly have practically disappeared There is too much description of Hannah s daily routine Characters don t grow And in this book there is no resolution I realize it s not meant to be great literature but it should [...]

    21. Jan says:

      I have all of the books in this series This one was a huge disappointment When I m reading a book, especially a mystery I expect that the book will have a conclusion I turned the page to read the next chapter, only to find a index to the recipes in the book The recipes were also disappointing.This is the last Joanne Fluke book I will purchase.

    22. Kathy says:

      Blackberry Pie Murder is the seventeenth book in the Hannah Swenson series by Joanne Fluke And Hannah still cannot decide between Mike and Norman Reallyis is all a little too silly.As always the recipes make the book The story is fine All the regular characters are there If you are a fan of the series then I m sure you ll enjoy this latest offering.

    23. Natalie says:

      This is a good book I love the dialogue between characters I also the small town setting I would highly recommend if someone has already read some of the other books in the series I will definitely be continuing with reading this series to some extent.

    24. Juli says:

      Hannah Swensen is having a bad time Her mother is getting married soon but is rejecting all suggestions for the reception menu, and then during a thunderstorm Hannah accidentally runs over a man standing in the road Nobody recognizes the man He s a stranger in Eden Lake Why was he standing in the roadway in the middle of a violent thunderstorm When Hannah is arrested for vehicular homicide and thrown in jail, her family and friends rally around her to help investigate the case The investigation [...]

    25. Celia says:

      I adore this series and have read all of the books, 1 16, twice I love the recipes and the story lines and the characters I admit I want to see Hannah pick a beau, preferably Norman, but then I think it would kill the series I have read all of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and its the same there Should she take Morelli, Yae , or Ranger I think if and when she settles the books may no longer be as much fun My only problem with this particular book was that it seemed to get lost in t [...]

    26. Ricki says:

      After reading all of the Hannah Swensen mysteries and enjoying most of them, I must admit this book in the series felt like a letdown First of all, I sincerely wish Ms Fluke would index and place all recipes together at the end of the book not throw them randomly within the chapters of the book Having the recipes within the chapters gives the reader the feeling there is recipe than content of the mystery to be solved Secondly, seventeen books and there is still a love triangle going on Reallyen [...]

    27. Jo Dervan says:

      In the 17th book in this series, Hannah Swenson, owner of the Cookie Jar, is once again involved in a murder in her small town of Lake Eden, Minnesota Hannah had been driving her van in a wild thunderstorm when she hit and killed an unidentified man Hannah and her sisters and friends all try to find out the identity of the dead man as well as whether he really died as a result of the car accident All this takes place with the background of planning Hannah s mom Delores s upcoming wedding to the [...]

    28. Victoria says:

      This is 17 in this cozy mystery series and I have read most of them The appeal for me about this series has always been that the setting is Minnesota Makes it feel familiar I think Joanne Fluke is STUFFING her mysteries with recipes nowadays In all the editions I ve read, over all the number of years I ve read them, this is the very first one that I tried a recipe out of Not that they don t all sound delicious some are ambitious than I d ever bother with though but I guess this one was right th [...]

    29. Gail Stewart rumsey says:

      This is the 17th Hannah Swenson mystery I have read but the only mystery here is why did Ms Fluke write it Granted, it is a cozy mystery, not a police procedural, but the actions of the police and coroner are so far from reality it is impossible to enjoy the story The same can be said for the social situations and romances The story is choppy and the ending abrupt I suppose the ending will be the beginning of the next book and I m not sure I will bother to read it.

    30. Kristin Bateman says:

      I know, I know, I keep reading this series because it s an easy audio book for my commute, but WHERE WAS THE STORY Half of the book was Hannah just sitting around, and the other was a predictable mess, totally lacking an actual ending.

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