P. Dotson
My Bestfriend's Man
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My Bestfriend s Man At the age of twenty five Savannah seems to have it all She s a beautiful independent woman with a great career and a good man by her side Brian the new man in her life is every woman s dream He s
  • Title: My Bestfriend's Man
  • Author: P. Dotson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • At the age of twenty five, Savannah seems to have it all She s a beautiful independent woman with a great career and a good man by her side Brian, the new man in her life, is every woman s dream He s fine, established, and paid There is just one problem Savannah isn t over her ex She still struggles with the wounds left by her first love, Brandon Even though loAt the age of twenty five, Savannah seems to have it all She s a beautiful independent woman with a great career and a good man by her side Brian, the new man in her life, is every woman s dream He s fine, established, and paid There is just one problem Savannah isn t over her ex She still struggles with the wounds left by her first love, Brandon Even though love has knocked her down once she is willing to give it another try if only her heart and her best friend Roxie will let her Roxie holds no bars back when it comes to Savannah Her love goes deeper than friendship, but the feelings aren t reciprocated Roxie isn t thrilled about her best friend s new man She s played this game before and she s playing for keeps While Savannah is convinced that Brian is a good guy, Roxie isn t buying into Brian s good boy persona The Roxie presses the issue the she pushes Savannah away Will Roxie s over protective nature push Savannah away for good Or, will Savannah find out some unsavory things about her new man Find out as friendships are tested, and sanity is questioned How will Roxie handle her best friend s man
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    1 Blog on “My Bestfriend's Man

    1. Barbara says:

      This book is filled with drama, jealousy and deception.The storyline flowed very well If you like books about character that are crazy, Psychotic and Obsessive this book you will enjoyThe characters you will love some and hate the others.Author P Dotson did a very good job in writing this book.I look forward to reading the next book.

    2. Tina says:

      Started if very slow to me but once I got into it, I was in to it Brian has annoyed me from the first mention of his name His insecurity is a turnoff Roxie, is a bit suffocating but her initial intentions are good Brandon, I don t things are what they seem I don t understand why Ver wouldn t just have a conversation Closure is a good thing After all, the worst that you think can happen, has already happened.

    3. Gina Pierre-paul says:

      It was slow in the beginning.Picked up in the ending Savannah was to trusting and Roxie is the devil ugh couldn t stand that conniving bitch I thought this was a stand alone but I found out its not ,I will definitely read part 2 need to know what happened, and its true Brian mother was right Brian and Roxie belong together cause their both psychotic fools that don t know how to love

    4. Nicole says:

      Roxie Roxie Roxie This heffa is crazy This was a really good read I was very curious about Brian and now that I see what his problem is I hope Vee gets away from both of these fools Her man and her bestie are 5 cans short of a 6 pack I m almost sure the truth about Brandon will come out in book 2

    5. Alex Harrison says:

      I would give this negative stars if I could honestly it s so fucking bad Flat characters and when I mean there is no plot to speak of I mean NO plot just an endless boring circle The blatant homophobia was really lovely touch as well

    6. Vaneka Miles (Vaneka"s Book Blog) says:

      OMG, what can I say P Dotson I certainly didn t expect this one This book was 100% amazingly awesome It had me glued in from the moment I began reading it It is definitely a five star page turner Right out the gate, I advise everyone who hasn t read this book to do so immediately You will not be disappointed There were minimal errors in this story, which I loved As you all know, I hate reading a book that has too many errors This story was executed well I loved the storyline It was different, I [...]

    7. Latanya Garry says:

      WowThis story was a little predictable when it came to Roxie Roxie is obsessed and need some serious help I m surprised Savannah didn t figure out that she had a enemy posing as a friend I really hope she take heed to Zee and her mother s advice Brian has a few loose screws missing He s trying to force something that won t and don t fit

    8. joan brooks says:

      This is definitely a page turner, a hold your interest from start to finishRosie is a true case of keep your friends close and you enemies closer This book was so good Savannah was working my nerves because she acted too high and mighty and would not listen to Brandon I feel sorry for Brandi even know he never did lie too her The Suspense in this book is Great Love the way the writer have you turning page after page trying to see what will happen next I can t wait for Part 2

    9. M4queen says:

      Wow what a readuGreat read P Dotson does a wonderful job bringing the crazy Savannah is such an easy to love character yo almost want to shake some common sense into the girl She really does have a good heart Hopefully she takes her mother s words to heart because she is dealing with some real lunatics Hoping she finds her way back to Brandon, only the next book will tell hopefully it s not a long wait.

    10. Marguerita says:

      For me I would classify this book as urban fiction which I don t read too much of because it has plenty of curse words and slang language that turns me off to finishing the book I must say though, the way this book was written had me wanting to keep reading to the end I liked the characters and all the drama I am over the Savannah character a little though because she is so so naive I am looking forward to the next book although I m not happy about the way this ended and the cliffhanger.

    11. Renee" Davila says:

      SLOWThe reason I gave this book a 3 is because it was SO long, but didn t get anywhere And don t start me on the ending The only reason I finished it is because I thought it would get better I can usually read a book in 2 days, this one took me almost 2 weeks Not interested in the sequel even if it s free

    12. Sharon Childress says:

      Rosie will get hersWow Savannah is so naive it made me wanna choke her I was happy that Brandon stuck to want to clear things up and get answers That s what you call true love I m saddened that Karen had to take one for her daughter and wasn t able to warn her baby Brian is a scary character in denial like crazy Roxie she really needs a beat down and a reality check SMH

    13. Tonii Tonii says:

      Love itThis book was different and I liked that it was not your typical urban story I m teamBrandon and I hope that him and Savannah work things out That dang on Roxie though is crazy lol The ending had me mad I can t wait to read part 2 Good job P Dotson once again you did not disappoint.

    14. Nicole says:

      Lawd No no I know i am going to love part two.Roxie, Brian them two are shady as hell I am not feeling Brandon he is sneaky to me.Roxie is a stalker and she is crazy.Part two come on out.Reader Chick

    15. Dee Cherry says:

      This was my first read by P Dotson it was a great one with plenty of drama Savannah has her hands full with Roxie Brian I hope she finds out the truth before it s too lateLooking forward to part 2

    16. Mirrlees says:

      Crazy to your left crazy to your right no place ends to look but forward so Brian your it Lol I can t even think straight after reading this book Again what some people do for love Or at least what they think was love.

    17. Karla says:

      OmgWow from the moment Savannah and roxie became friends and she became infatuated with her, you could tell there was going to be drama but never imagined roxie would be behind all the issues Savannah had with Brandon Who killed her parents

    18. Tara Mattox-ruiz says:

      What a cliff hanger This was an excellent read that had me on the edge of my seat Judging by the title I thought it was going to be something different, but what I found was something that I definitely was not expecting I can t wait to read pt 2

    19. reneeNaDaBomb says:

      My Best Friend s ManWhat was Roxie a demon child She was worst than a friend enemy, she was the definition of frenemy Hell I got scared reading this book And Brian needed his for meds for personality disorders Please write this under suspense, not contemporary romance.

    20. Lahyness says:

      My Best Friend s ManThis book was crazy And by crazy, I mean these people are psycho Like Damn I don t want to say too much spoil it for people so ill just say that this is a good read

    21. Tiffany Dunn says:

      This book was awesome I was at the end of my seat literally could not put my kindle down This book was on fire the characters are so real I could only rate a five but this book deserves a ten

    22. Morgan says:

      I m hoping that there will be a part 2

    23. Deborah Bates says:

      InterestingInteresting kept me reading As always I hate a cliffhanger that takes forever to get the sequel Characters were intense.

    24. Acquinita Edwards says:

      OmgThis book was so so good,I feel so bad for Savannah,she is clueless,about what s going on around her Too many people loved her and wanted her all to themselves

    25. BookPlugDee says:

      Wow Brian killed savannah parents That or Roxie planned itose 2 are just as weird as they come Off to the next part to see wast happens.

    26. Cheryl r. Gunn mccain says:

      Smmfh Great read lookin forward to part 2nds quickly turn to frenemies These how s ain t loyal watch yor back chicks forreal

    27. Grv Gotti says:


    28. andrea williams says:

      ExcellentThis was a good book I need part 2 Asap I need to know if her and Brandon are getting back together I would recommend this book.

    29. Michelle McCoy says:

      Good book It didn t get interesting til the end On the lookout for book 2.

    30. Helen L.Williams says:

      Oh my godWhat a friend something is telling me Roxie killed the little sister and now the parents.I hope Zea can set Sanvane to listen to her.

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