Victoria Purman
The Millionaire
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The Millionaire Renowned photographer Chris Malone is fed up with fame and disaster All he wants is anonymity and a chance to recharge Suburban journalist Ellie Flannery has other ideas If she can just convince her l
  • Title: The Millionaire
  • Author: Victoria Purman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 261
  • Format: ebook
  • Renowned photographer Chris Malone is fed up with fame and disaster All he wants is anonymity and a chance to recharge Suburban journalist Ellie Flannery has other ideas If she can just convince her long time idol to support her favorite cause, she knows her fund raiser will be a huge success After refusing at first, Chris decides to co operate When he s forced to defRenowned photographer Chris Malone is fed up with fame and disaster All he wants is anonymity and a chance to recharge Suburban journalist Ellie Flannery has other ideas If she can just convince her long time idol to support her favorite cause, she knows her fund raiser will be a huge success After refusing at first, Chris decides to co operate When he s forced to defend his own reputation as well as his family s, he decides he wants something from the idealistic and sexy but doesn t know it Ms Flannery Ellie in return her heart But Ellie has scars that no one has ever seen, and she doesn t want to open herself up to anyone, much less a man with such an unflinching eye for the truth Can Chris convince her to strip herself bare, in ways than one Previously titled The Millionaire The Millionaire Malones Series Book 1 Under the Outback Sky Book 2 Callum s Redemption Book 3 Maggie s Rebel
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      Victoria Purman

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    1. Jenny says:

      Under the Outback Sky is book one in the Millionaire Malones Series by Victoria Purman Ellie Flannery is organising a fundraising event for the Royal Flying Doctor Series However, Ellie needs items to auction off on the night Ellie Flannery knew that her idol was in town the famous photographer Chris Malone Ellie Flannery came up with a great idea to ask Chris Malone to donate one of his pictures The readers of Under the Outback Sky will continue to follow Ellie Flannery to see if she achieve he [...]

    2. Sally906 says:

      THE MILLIONAIRE is one of a four book series called Hot Aussie Heroes recently released by Tule Publishing As the series title suggests each of the male romantic leads is played by an Aussie THE MILLIONAIRE opens as Ellie sees Chris surfing on a deserted beach He is her hero as she loves his photography work and knows because of his fame she d get a large amount of money for one of his pictures She decides to ask him to donate The initial meeting does not go well, she is let down by his meanness [...]

    3. Elizabeth says:

      This a bright, quirky, funny and sexy book that I devoured in a little over 24 hours I loved both the characters and the storyline Just an FYI Chris is quite a hunk from the description I ll be looking forward to Book 3.Thank you to NetGalley and Tule Publishing for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review.

    4. Janine says:

      You should never meet your idols You will only be disappointed Ellie Flannery just learned this the hard way Is there something else going on in Chris Malone s life that has caused him to appear rude to her when they first met In this sweet story Ellie meets Chris, a famous photographer She wants him to donate a photograph for a charity auction she is putting together for the Royal Flying Doctors Service But she never gets the chance to ask him because Chris brushes her off as fast as he can He [...]

    5. Bette Hansen says:

      Excellent read This is a new to me author and I must say I really enjoyed her writing style In this story mentally exhausted photojournalist Chris Malone is just trying to find some down time to get his head back in the game When he is abrupt and rude to Ellie Flannery, he finds himself in a social media nightmare As they work together to fix his image and raise money for her favorite charity their story really begins This is a good one and I definitely recommend it.

    6. Sarah says:

      I received an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you The Millionaire is the last book in the Hot Aussie Heroes series but the books are written by different authors and they can be read as standalones.I don t like writing bad reviews but this series was just not for me This was just OK for me, nothing special But I think I liked this one the most out of all the other books in this series.Thanks again for the arc

    7. Marsha Spohn says:

      First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfScars don t always show on the outside It doesn t mean that they are any less felt for not being seen.Chris Malone s photographs showed the world the faces of hunger, the ravages of war, the senselessness of human nature at its worst He was tired, no actually he was bone weary of it all and simply wanted a few weeks break from the ugliness of the world he photographed for the news headlines He just wanted peace.Ellie Flannery was a reporter by trade, but a fundr [...]

    8. Sue says:

      The Millionaire really did it for me I loved it Victoria managed to pull me in and make me feel everything from laughter to heart ache to joy for Ellie and Chris The Millionaire is a great, catchy story that took me on an emotional journey.Ellie is very attracted to Chris So attracted that her usually unflappable self loses her composure a bit around him She is sweet and funny around him, and tries hard not to show her nerves Chris has been running from his demons and avoiding his family for so [...]

    9. Elaine says:

      Another great story in this series This one starts when journalist Ellie Flannery spots the hero photographer, Chris Malone, surfing on a deserted beach He s famous for his stupendous images of war and disaster and their initial meeting is another total disaster as he s trying to chill and certainly doesn t want any journalist collaring him, no matter how attractive he finds her He stomps off in disgust when she acknowledges recognising him and admiring his work When she approaches him again in [...]

    10. Anita Byars says:

      This is a new author for me and I must say that I tottally loved this beautiful, sweet, sexy and all around feel good story Chris Malone was born into weath but he leaves that lifestyle and his family behind after the death of a close friend He is a world renowned famous photographer who has returned home to escape the ugly disasters and despair of the world as well as the gore and grief he has spent his life trying to capture on film for the big headline He desperately needs a diversion and dow [...]

    11. Alima Livzletlivz says:

      Another first of reading a new Australian writer author, Victoria Purman, and book four of the series Hot Aussie Heroes, The Millionaire is a short and a good one time read.Chris Malone is a world famous photographer and is on vacation incognito or so he thinks Tired of the travelling all over the planet, photographing the horrors of the world and living out of suitcases, hotels and camps has taken a toll on Chris and all he wants to do recuperate and stay away from the eyes of the public, even [...]

    12. Book Gannet says:

      This is a cute contemporary about two people hitting a crossroads in their life without even realising it Ellie is a journalist without ambition or the killer instinct to chase down a story, while Chris has lost the passion he once had for photographing the world s disasters When Ellie asks him to donate a photo to her charity auction, Chris is still too lost in his own demons to say yes, but with a PR disaster looming he changes his mind After all it won t cost him anything to spend time with [...]

    13. Emma says:

      The Millionaire Victoria Purman Renowned photographer Chris Malone is fed up with fame and disaster All he wants is anonymity and a chance to recharge Suburban journalist Ellie Flannery has other ideas If she can just convince her long time idol to support her favorite cause, she knows her fund raiser will be a huge success.After refusing at first, Chris decides to co operate When he s forced to defend his own reputation as well as his family s, he decides he wants something from the idealistic [...]

    14. Aaly says:

      ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review I enjoyed this book, it was sweet, funny and sexy.In this story, Ellie Flannery met her idol, Chris Malone, a renowned photographer From the beginning, they didn t get along at all Chris is fed up with fame.She wanted to reach him for a charity auction but he didn t know about it and brushed her off.Then he is spotlighted about this kind of behavior and find himself in social media nightmare, he had to work with Ellie to fix his im [...]

    15. Books and Spoons says:

      A sweet, joyful, feel good story, that has surprising depth to it.The first couple meetings between Ellie and Chris doesn t go so well Chris is worn out from his job in the disaster areas of this world, having signs of PTSD, and only needing solitude and peace All Ellie wants, is to meet her longtime idol, to ask him a favor When social media goes viral with Chris refusal to help, he doesn t like the man in the picture of himself, he sees in the newspapers And goes looking for Ellie, making a de [...]

    16. Sarah says:

      I have to say that I really like this book, its the fourth book in the series and its end in such a sweet way You have Ellie she is a spit fire who is all about family, friends and helping everyone else She is running to love and not such a big fun of her job Then you have Chris he s running for everything and just wants to spend his holiday doing his second love When he run into Ellie everything seems to not be going his way He has a heart for people and loves helping others, but he has become [...]

    17. Cindy Hamilton says:

      The Millionaire by Victoria Purman is book 4 in the Hot Aussie Heroes series by Tule Publishing and is a good addition to the the series First impressions upon meeting a person who has been your idol for a long time doesn t always live up to what you think about them and that is what happens when Ellie Flannery and Chris Malone meet Ellie accidently runs into Chris on a beach, realizing he is the famous photographer Chris Malone , Ellie wants him to ask him to donate to the Royal Flying Doctor S [...]

    18. Rosemary K says:

      Ellie Flannery is a reporter for a small Sydney newspaper She can t believe her luck when she sees famous photojournalist, Chris Malone, surfing Their encounter is very unsettling He refuses to speak with her and stalks away When they meet again, tempers and attraction flare Their argument hits social media and everyone watches What a rough start to romance Ellie and Chris are memorable characters They are as different as night and day Both have endured pain trauma which still drives them today [...]

    19. Angel Hatfield says:

      I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Ellie Flannery is a small time reporter for The Western Gazette but doesn t have the killer instinct needed Ellie s best friend is Bron who recently moved to One Mile Bay Ellie was sitting on the beach and saw Chris Malone, a famous photographer Chris is also from a rich family but has turned his back on them Ellie s true passion is fundraising She s having a charity ball for the royal flying doctors who had saved her grandfather s [...]

    20. Zarith dol says:

      arc given by netgalley for an honest reviewIt is the first story I ve read from the author and did not disappointed me It is a great book with a sweet plot and a sizzling main characters.The story start with Ellie a writer reporter first encounter with Chris Malone a renowned photographer came from a richy rich family Their first meeting lead Chris away and the second one lead to viral video that made the PR money s worth better watch out in the power of social media That didn t burn out the che [...]

    21. Valerie says:

      Ellie Flannery was a reporter, at least that was what her job title said Really she just wanted to help people She loved to help fundraise for good causes Chris Malone may have come from family money but he was now an internationally known reality photographer, taking photos of some of the most scarred and damaged places and people all over the world When they come upon one another on the beach even though the attraction is there, there are a lot of roadblocks that keep popping in on these two W [...]

    22. Brigitte says:

      Chris is a renowned Photographer who spends his time travelling the world trying to capture photographs which usually make the headlines in the main global newspapers Ellie lives in Sydney, where she works as a journalist Chris returns to Sydney for a well earned break and meets Ellie by chance She recognises him straightaway and when she asks him for a favour, he refuses blankly Ellie has been idolising Chris for quite some time and is quite put out by his response and attitude They both carry [...]

    23. Margaret Sholders says:

      Well I finished this 4th book in the series Victoria nailed the people in this story They have taken us on a whirlwind adventure in this story Ellie won t back down on getting Chris to donate a photo for her latest charity auction He is rude for wanting to be alone He is then Social Media on the Web There was a spoiler here There are lots of ways to help get a photo Chris will only work with Ellie He needs someone to pose on being a survivor from the Airlift service needing money Happy Spoiler h [...]

    24. NancyK says:

      Really like this one, the fourth entry in Tule Publishing s series Hot Aussie Heroes The hero and heroine meet cute I liked this sweet, shorter format romance I liked that they met as or less equals, he is a world class photographer, she is a small town journalist but they speak the same language Australian beaches and surfing play a role, as well as a nice visit to the Outback.One thing that I wondered about was how loosely this series is linked I have read books 3 and 4 in Hot Aussie Heroes a [...]

    25. Ash P Reads says:

      This book was very unexpected With a title like this, one would assume it is about some spoiled, fancy pants guy who is used to every luxury in this world getting his just desserts But it was quite the opposite Chris Malone is the anti thesis of the stereotypical millionaire doing everything possible to disassociate himself from his old money family, pursuing the career of a photojournalist in every war torn corner of this earth while trying to remain as low profile as possible Ellie Flannery is [...]

    26. Lillian Cummings says:

      I received this copy exchange for a review I really liked Chris Ellie they wanted each other but can Ellie make things hard It was a nice smooth story happy to recommend to others Ellie asks Chris for help but he says no as he assumes that she is just wanting a handout for some charity He is very rude to her until he listens to her and finds out about the charity and why she wants one of his photographs Chris has seen enough bad stories to last a lifetime so he agrees but it has to be on his te [...]

    27. Shelagh says:

      I enjoyed The Millionaire from the first page to the last It was one of those books that had me feeling comfortable and at home both because of the setting in places I know well, from beautiful Lavender Bay to trendy Newtown and Petersham and out to the dusty red centre beyond Dubbo Both Chris and Ellie are unpretentious and likeable characters and Ellie s grandparents are so typically country that they fit like an old shoe As for the story, well anything that raises the profile of the Royal Fly [...]

    28. Paula Pugh says:

      Ellie Flannery is a journalist for a small paper but her true vocation is fundraising for non profits She is working on a benefit for the Royal Flying Doctors of Australia when she runs into Chris Malone, a world known photojournalist Ellie bravely approaches him for a donation from him of one of his pictures but he flatly says, No Her friend, Bron, takes a picture of his expression saying no and posts it online with an unfavorable comment Chris, who has been avoiding seeing his austere and rich [...]

    29. Rachael Mcdonald says:

      Ellie Flannery is very passionate about a few things in her life, her family, photography, and fundraising happen to be the top three Ellie wants to find a way to help make the fundraiser she is organizing a true one of a kind success Unless she is able to get some kind of major attention grabbing auction item donated she is not sure how she will pull it off That is until she comes face to face with her Idol Chris Malone the overly handsome and insanely talented photographer who has traveled the [...]

    30. Mary Jancsek says:

      You would think that after reading so many books with a similar premise it would get old and if the book isn t written well it can That is not the case with this book however, there is just enough twist to the premise that I was completely absorbed with these characters And the fact that Ellie only initially makes contact with Chris because he is her professional idol makes things that much interesting The big question this book answers in regards to these characters is would you step away from [...]

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