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Everything Nice
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Everything Nice In this smart sexy wickedly funny new novel the acclaimed author of Right Before Your Eyes introduces an unforgettable and irresistibly real heroine a woman who is forced to reinvent herself and di
  • Title: Everything Nice
  • Author: Ellen Shanman
  • ISBN: 9780553591477
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this smart, sexy, wickedly funny new novel, the acclaimed author of Right Before Your Eyes introduces an unforgettable and irresistibly real heroine a woman who is forced to reinvent herself and discovers that the biggest risk is not taking one at all Michaela Mike Edwards doesn t do sugar and spice But when mishandled office politics get her unexpectedly fired, tIn this smart, sexy, wickedly funny new novel, the acclaimed author of Right Before Your Eyes introduces an unforgettable and irresistibly real heroine a woman who is forced to reinvent herself and discovers that the biggest risk is not taking one at all Michaela Mike Edwards doesn t do sugar and spice But when mishandled office politics get her unexpectedly fired, the young advertising hotshot finds herself doing the unimaginable moving back in with her widowed father, unraveling her complex feelings for an Aussie journalist named Gunther, and rethinking her entire life She could never have guessed that fate would land her in a classroom teaching life skills to sixth grade girls who desperately need her But with a best friend rapidly becoming something , and a family she s just discovering, Mike is about to learn that going places in life doesn t have to mean going it alone.
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      Ellen Shanman

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    1. Laurie says:

      Welllll, I started off not liking the book so much but had to finish it as part of my duties of Summer Book Club Reader for Metro New York The main character is a woman named Mike short for Michaela who was raised by her father her mom died when she was four years old and acts like a man She treats men the way certain men treat women She s bossy She s rude She s in advertising And she has a great guy as her best friend who OBVIOUSLY wants something but she s too blind to see it Then she gets fi [...]

    2. Jennifer says:

      I liked this better than the other reviewers apparently I thought this book was really, really well done.1 Mike Edwards is never de tomboyed Unlike many tomboy character romances, she never ends up in lipstick and heels at the end She just learns how to have adult emotions.That to me was the best part of it I also liked how much you really dislike Mike at the beginning You know why her coworkers hated her and then Shanman sprinkles in bits of Mike s past to make her sympathetic, but not before y [...]

    3. Liyana Sidek says:

      This started out a veryyyy slow read for me At first, I didn t think I could relate with Mike the main character She seemed so untouchable in the beginning But as the book progressed and as she was exposed to uncomfortable situations, she became and human That was when I was gripped She became a lot relatable The tough as nails character shone for me, but at the same time she is fragile Following her journey in finding who she really is, was truly gripping.And who could forget the hunky Gunth [...]

    4. Lobo says:

      Annyira r g ta v rtam m r valami igaz n j kis chick litre, ami kicsit szak t a szab lyokkal, de az rt m gis fiatal n knek, n kr l sz l an lk l, hogy ism teln az unalmas sablonokat S me az Everything niceban pont ez van benne A helsz n New York, de nem a csillog s r sze, hanem az, hogy igenis lnek ott rendes emberek, a f szerepl szingli, de nem ezen agg dik naphosszat, ugyanis eg szen m s egzisztenci lis probl m i vannak Mike rdekes karakter, eleinte tal n unszimpatikus is lehetne, f leg ha beleg [...]

    5. Rebecca says:

      God, I haven t read an american book in like forever This book was about a girl who acts like a Dude and doesn t have like any girl friends Her mentor and boss gets fired from the ad agency they work at and she gets fired with him Because she has been such a bitch all these years and her boss is like a total outcast now, she can t seem to get any work anywhere Her new step mother gets her a job teaching some like home ec type class at the school she used to work at and she ends up changing it an [...]

    6. Lisa says:

      Shanman does a splendid job of making Michaela Mike Edwards both likable and unlikable on the same page Mike is not a tomboy per se she s just not a girly girl.n t hang out in the bathroom and go to hair braiding parties, etc Probably because her mom died when she was so little she can t remember her, and her dad just couldn t deal with it, as she is pretty much the embodiment of her mother She s an all star marketer, but she doesn t care what anyone thinkswhich bites her when the one person at [...]

    7. Jennifer says:

      Mike Edwards may look like a girl and like a girl everyone wants to sleep with but she was raised by her widowed father, a surgeon, to be a tough, no nonsense guy Actually, it seems a bit like she was raised by wolves she s intelligent and a highly talented advertising professional but she avoids social niceties such as tact and kindness like the plague.However, karma bites when Mike loses her job and after many months of unsuccessful job searching where her past lack of social skills has pretty [...]

    8. Gail says:

      I wanted to like this book, but in the end, I didn t very much When it opens, the heroine is on top of the world, working at an ad agency Then her boss gets fired, and she s canned too, because nobody likes her She s terrible at making friends Turns out she was raised by her widowed father who didn t know how to cope with his own emotions, much less hers, and has turned her into one of the guys who doesn t know how to be different She winds up having to move home, gets a job as a substitute life [...]

    9. Terri says:

      I love chic lit set in New York that features a protagonist who works on Madison Avenue I also love chic lit set in New York that features a protagonist who works as a teacher in a private school So when I came across this book on , I figured, What s not to like about a character who lives in New York and is fired from her job as a copywriter and then becomes a teacher There were so many things I didn t like about this book I don t think Mike could really be such a great copywriter if she didn t [...]

    10. Trudy says:

      Probably like 2 1 2 stars, but I am being generous Please grant us 1 2 stars hard could that be This was a basically good story, though rather unrealistic in many details The heroine is fired from her advertising job, has to live with her father and his fianc e, and, with no experience or credentials, somehow lucks into a job teaching at a charter schoolONE period a day, a class of ELEVEN sixth grade girls Um a retired middle school teacher, this was quite a bit than I could swallow She makes [...]

    11. Linda says:

      Found this on our public library s online reviews MADreads Fun, read it in an evening Smart, gorgeous young ad agency star gets fired and falls apart Moves in with dad who raised her or rather ignored her too distraught over wife s death to notice he was raising a child with no compassion or social skills All that changes when she takes a temp job at a charter school teaching life skills to little girls Quite amusing and will make you think about and discuss the question of what life skills mode [...]

    12. Lisa Dickson says:

      This packs a lot of emotion, humor, and plot in a small space and all with an overall believable bent Meet Mike, whose surgeon dad raises her solo from the time she is four, after his wife dies Missing some of the traditionally feminine input and guidance, Mike is a 31 year old barracuda who communicates like a male while looking like a model Life dumps her on her head and this book is about how she adjusts to that.

    13. Karina says:

      A great read about a very different female protagonist, one who outwardly seems to have it all, but inwardly cannot cope with any relationship or sharing, and has to learn how to do so before she loses the one friend she can t afford to Along the way she also learns how to deal with other females and children, and how to reach out to others without thinking less of herself A very different kind of chick lit but a very moving and well written one that I highly recommend.

    14. Natalie says:

      I don t know if this would have attracted my attention right away if I was just browsing around However, a friend brought it over for me to read and I really enjoyed it I like the fact that the tomboy chick never really gets feminized, like in so many books I think the big thing is how her character does change by the end of the book and finally realizes that it s okay even for tomboyish women to have emotions and be compassionate

    15. Audry says:

      Didn t read this book The author s other book I started, Right Before Your Eyes, was a trashy book Lots of sex, drinking, and foul words I looked through this one, and it s of the same words Sad So many better books to read to waste any time on this kind.I put read on my shelf, because I was not going to read it, nor was I reading it now.

    16. Bree says:

      I actually got emotional reading this one It was like it was super great writing but I had tears from the conversations in this book I don t know any New Yorkers but I do know that if you talk to your boss the way Mike did, you wouldn t have a job here in Ohio so that was the only thing I felt a bit crazy about it The total lack of respect was a push over.

    17. Resident Optimist says:


    18. Starla says:

      I laughed out loud so many times through this book I loved how the relationships shifted and changed for all the characters in this book Each character was believable and so full of life I felt a little let down with the ending of the book I don t know why, I just felt like there should have been said between Gunther and Mike But, all in all, a great read

    19. Abjtrio1 says:

      This book was alright I tried it because it was different from my usual reading It took me til I was half way through to really get into it At that point, I couldn t put it down I think I would try another book by her.

    20. Lisa says:

      Even though I found the main character to be highly dis likeable in many ways, her humor and knowing she ends up teaching 6th grade girls kept me hooked This character and her emotional evolution is very real.

    21. Shawn Mershon says:

      I loved this book Read nearly the whole thing on a flight from the mid west to the west coast It was very genuine and struck a chord in me I found myself crying and laughing out loud which is kind of awkward in the middle seat of an airplane

    22. Jennifer Best says:

      Gosh, on so many levels I could so relate with the main character in this quick, easy, guilty pleasure of a summer read Sure, it s about a woman and relationships, it s predictable, even But I enjoyed it.

    23. Steven says:

      Woo Lordymething stinks I think it s the plot of this hunk of dung I can get into chick lit, but this one was just too much to bear To be fair, I stopped at 100 pages beccause I was getting ill with boredom.

    24. Alina Borger says:

      I am Bantam Discovery s target demographic Enjoyed this book.

    25. Abigail says:

      I was surprised how much I liked this one Sweet, quick, well written, and to it than I expected.

    26. Renee says:

      Wish I hadn t gotten this one form the library so you guys could read it too

    27. Daneen says:

      easy read story sometimes unrealistic but easy to overlook for the storyline The self eval of the main character was interesting.

    28. Stefanie says:

      For me it was 2.5 stars.

    29. Teresa says:

      Really liked this one Just a really interesting character and good writing and a sweet story.

    30. Pattie says:

      I gave it a couple chapters I could not connect with the main character at all Done.

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