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Pastry Master chef Michel Roux here dispels the myth that pastry making is complicated and beyond the reach of most chefs Designed in an easy to follow format this chunky compilation presents all of the cla
  • Title: Pastry
  • Author: Michel Roux
  • ISBN: 9781844006205
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Master chef Michel Roux here dispels the myth that pastry making is complicated and beyond the reach of most chefs Designed in an easy to follow format, this chunky compilation presents all of the classic pastries in the simplest possible way, along with a collection of recipes.
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      Michel Roux

    1 Blog on “Pastry

    1. Rea K says:

      I love cookbooks I love paging through them and thinking I would like to make something like this one day I ve really only tried the choux paste It s choux paste It s honestly the only choux paste recipe I ve ever used because I never made choux paste in my entire time in the bakery Shame, I know But I have made loads of croissant dough I m terrible at making choux shapes and filling them, but DAMN those cream puffs were tasty Yeah This is another favorite cookbook to look at.

    2. Michael says:

      This book changed my technique for making pastry doughs Ever since I switched to Roux s technique my crusts ALWAYS turn out perfect Always The recipes work and are delicious one note is that I always use the metric measurements from this book as I think they are accurate than the other measurements given A wonderful assortment of savory pastries too, which is oven overlooked There s to savory pastry than quiche

    3. Eliza says:

      I love this book Not only his successful recipes but also the pictures, mouthwatering and so pretty Like the yummiest coffee table book I know

    4. Marcella Bongiovanni says:

      Not the easiest to use as it separates bases from recipes, but a must nonetheless.

    5. Mrs. says:

      I really like this book beautifully photographed pastry book by a master pastry chef Most pastry cream recipes call for cornstarch, but his calls for flour, something I m looking forward to trying.

    6. Loren says:

      Amazing Superb A must have book in your kitchen library Such a simple pastry you need to learn, easy to elaborate at home, you ll have no excuse to do it well I love the cover, the instructions inside are easy to follow A wonderful gift.

    7. amelia says:

      An anniversary present from my mother This book has tons of step by step illustrations that make even complex pastries look possible It includes desserts for my sweet toothed husband, and plenty of savory recipes for someone like me, who doesn t really like sweets.

    8. Jack says:

      Beautifully laid out Excellent tutorials on technique Some really good recipes, almost all of which worked well when I tried them.

    9. Femilia says:

      simple step by step can t hardly wait for my pastry project

    10. Png says:

      4.5 stars.Easy to follow recipes will definitely try out a few great ideas.

    11. Robin Ripley says:

      Starting my winter baking project pastries

    12. Niall says:

      If you are going to get a book on pastry, it should be from the god of pasty

    13. Yasmine Alfouzan says:

      A true classic Good for pastry but I wouldn t recommend the breads.

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