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Larry Kane's Philadelphia
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Larry Kane s Philadelphia Looks at Philadelphia government and politics and the trials of a journalist trying to cover them This book answers some questions such as Why did the author a journalist leave for New York and why
  • Title: Larry Kane's Philadelphia
  • Author: Larry Kane
  • ISBN: 9781566399616
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Looks at Philadelphia government and politics, and the trials of a journalist trying to cover them This book answers some questions such as Why did the author, a journalist, leave for New York and why did he come back What s the story behind the Bill Green lawsuit Does he apply his own makeup It also talks about his mistakes, and successes.
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      Larry Kane

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    1. RYCJ says:

      Larry Kane writes a very deep memoir, delivering strong messages of which the premier truism was one that moved me to tears.I left Philadelphia in the early 80 s moving to locations where Philadelphia and gifted artists were cited enough times that it spiked my curiosity wanting to know what was it about this city that seemed to produce this talent And then I opened Larry Kane s memoir where there he explained it taking me back to memories of my family s passionate discussions I can t begin to d [...]

    2. Tom Nailor says:

      A great read for a non native Philadelphian like myself I have not seen author Larry Kane anchor or cover the news, but now I feel as if I have been right there with him Published in 2000, it is a bit out of date in terms of current politics, but the stories still entertain and teach lessons about the people who make Philadelphia politics what it was and is particularly interesting were Kane s stories about Mayor Frank Rizzo, eyewitness recounting of the MOVE stand off controversy Given Kane s l [...]

    3. Dara says:

      If you are from Philadelphia, you ll love this book I was born in 64 so some of the events that Larry refers to in the late 60 s I don t remember but it s a great history of the politics of Philadelphia and the major news stories of the past 60 s through the 90 s I don t particularly enjoy politics but this book definitely kept my interest It was also interesting to hear about the politics of the newsrooms of all three of the major networks in Philadelphia.

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