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Journey Home
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Journey Home This book fills a great need in describing the cruel treatment inflicted upon Japanese Americans during World War II by their fellow Americans School Library Journal Uchida is the author of the critic
  • Title: Journey Home
  • Author: Yoshiko Uchida
  • ISBN: 9780689716416
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • This book fills a great need in describing the cruel treatment inflicted upon Japanese Americans during World War II by their fellow Americans School Library Journal Uchida is the author of the critically acclaimed Japanese American tales The Best Bad Thing and The Happiest Ending 10 illustrations.
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      Yoshiko Uchida

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    1. Laura Verret says:

      The sequel to Journey to Topaz, Journey Home tells the continuing story of Yuki Sakane as she returns from her exile at the Topaz internment camps and tries to reestablish a normal life at her old home.The Story.Yuki still wakes up from nightmares about the prison camp that s what it was, a prison camp in Topaz She can feel the gritty sand swirling around, and just as it begins to choke her, she wakes, lying on her pallet and sweating, shaking, fearing But she is safe now And she s going home.Th [...]

    2. Sarah says:

      Twelve year old Yuki is now allowed to return to California Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, she and many other Japanese Americans were rounded up and forced to live in a Japanese internment camp This historical fiction novel follows Yuki as she re settles in her San Francisco Bay community, a community decidedly different now racist from the one Yuki remembers The strength of this novel is that Uchida works to show the implications of America interning its own people through several narr [...]

    3. Chris Maynard says:

      Purpose Historical Fiction Wide Reading Project Genre Historical FictionFormat NovelAge Level Late Intermediate I grade 5 ages 10 11 to early middle school MS grade 6 ages 11 12 Themes concentration internment freedom vs imprisonment race hysteria family friends vs enemies World War II home front identity internal external conflict trust citizenship life and death Cultures Japanese American cultureRead Aloud NoLiterary Elements Different twist on the painful story of the internment of Japanese A [...]

    4. Pippa Gallagher says:

      I read Journey Home by Yoshiko Uchida There is a young girl who is japanese, living in Berkeley CA Her name is Yuki When I heard this I felt an instant connection to this character I have a lot to write about so settle in I will not be doing a summary but will put in key points to help explain points The point of view is from the main character Yuki From her point of view you get the sense that she is on the U.S side during World War ll She is the type of person that is glass half full This book [...]

    5. Luann says:

      I didn t enjoy this one quite as much as Journey to Topaz, although I did still find the subject matter very interesting I think many Americans don t realize or remember that Japanese Americans were required to leave their homes and live in concentration camps during WWII This is the sequel to Journey To Topaz A Story Of The Japanese American Evacuation, which tells the story of Yuki and her family living in a concentration camp in Utah In Journey Home, Yuki and her family have been allowed to l [...]

    6. Sarah Crawford says:

      There are a lot of books that deal with the internment of the people of Japanese ancestry during World War II, but not very many that deal with what happened to them afterwards This is a fiction book, but the things that happen in it are exactly the types of things that happened to the internees who tried to return to the West Coast, especially California.In this fiction book, Yuki and her family are interned at Topaz Her father is threatened by some of the rough element there and they have to l [...]

    7. Books Kids Like says:

      Yuki Sakane and her family are Japanese Americans caught in the panic of World War II and Pearl Harbor Forced to leave their home in Berkeley, California, they are relocated to an internment in Topaz Mr Sakane cooperates with the camp staff trying to promote goodwill between the staff and inmates After a year at Topaz, the Sakanes experience prejudice and discrimination from their own people because of Mr Sakane s attitude The family is permitted to leave the camp They move to Salt Lake City, Ut [...]

    8. Irene says:

      Even though Journey to Topaz was about a young girl and her family s experiences in a Japanese internment camp during WWII, this book about the same family s re integration into the real world after being released from the camp seemed to be the heavier read You d think that having your father taken away by the FBI, and being sent to live in make shift barracks in the middle of a dessert as told in Journey to Topaz , would have as much gravitas as you could bear in a children s book Yet, this one [...]

    9. Mia Martinez says:

      I thought this book was sad yet interesting It takes place during World War 2 and the books point of view is 3rd person The main character is a Japanese girl named Yuki Yuki and her family are forced to stay at Topaz in a concentration camp, away from their home in California Finally they are free, but have nowhere to go The big family is left with little money and try to find their way back home Yuki wouldn t stop asking her father when they were going back home, but he told her that they might [...]

    10. Miss Amanda says:

      131 pgs1944 St Lake City, Utah 12 year old Yuki and her family have been released from the Topaz, Utah concentration camp in which they were imprisioned Yuki longs to return home to California, but a law making it illegal for Japanese to live on the West Coast prevents them from going home When that law is lifted, Yuki, her family, and friends return home and attempt to rebuild their lives When her older brother Ken, who was injured serving in the army, Yuki and her family and friends work to he [...]

    11. Dalia says:

      The author perfectly describes the feeling of being an alien in a country that you once felt your own, and the impotence of not being in charge of your life any But it also shows how in times of despair there is always to be grateful for, like family and friends, and that there is always hope if you are will ing to not give up.A book that may well describe the current feeling of inmigrants not only in the US, but also the ones of the refugees of the Syrian conflict.

    12. Cc says:

      This book shares a personal story of how a Japanese American family learns to transition back into reality after the internment camps The protagonist, a young girl, has to adjust to her dreams of what life would be after the camp She realizes that it s than just a beautiful home and bountiful garden it s about family.

    13. Rona says:

      Story takes place during World War II 12 year old Yuki and her parents have been released from a camp, in Topaz, Utah after getting approval to return to California Once returning they are faced with prejudice and anti Japanese violence Eventually they find new hope and strength in themselves, and Yuki discovers that coming home is a matter of the heart and spirit.

    14. Firefly_1824 says:

      This is the first book I ve read about the Japanese experience in America during World War II, but there was nothing torrid or surprising about anything in the book It is a good YA book on the subject, and appropriate for that age range It s a rather quick read, and I think it s understandable for younger readers.

    15. stiny says:

      this book was.ok, i guess it wasnt my taste i love reading books about WWII, but this one, i dunno im interested with the people in the internment camps and stuff, honestly but i had to read it for school, so i did im looking forward to the next novel my class is gonna read tangerine it sounds interesting.

    16. Mellodi Parks says:

      Just as powerful of a read as Journey to Topaz was This takes place after the main character and her family are released from the Japanese Internment Concentration camp in Utah This is one of those events in history that must never be forgotten Give this book a read.

    17. Nicole says:

      I read this book and Jar Of Dreams by the same author when I was in elementary school It was the first time I learned about the Japanese internment during WWII I would not learn about it in a classroom setting for many years I recommend this author for young adults.

    18. Patricia says:

      I love that the author continued the story from Journey to Topaz.

    19. Elaine says:

      This one comes after Journey To Topaz.Yuki and her loved ones move again Ken is in the military Someone else who s been a part of their lives, dies.

    20. Kris says:

      I will be adding this our unit on the Japanese Internment at school Excellent

    21. Aurora says:

      Check my book review blog sveta randomblog

    22. Cindy says:

      It s a kids book I read it to see if I could recommend it to my students I would I just am too old to enjoy something so simplistic LOVED Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

    23. Stephanie A. says:

      The School Library Journal quote looks accurate to me, but at the same timeI was really fairly bored by these characters I didn t read the first book, maybe that s why.

    24. Fatima says:

      read in elementary school

    25. Sella Malin says:

      yoshiko uchida is a great historical fiction writer she writes about historical things that are interesting and go with the story well i enjoy all her books.

    26. Ann says:

      Sorry Dad, you have my everlasting pride in you and the family to have survived your ordeal Hard work and perserverance win in the end.

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