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The New Tolkien Companion
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The New Tolkien Companion None
  • Title: The New Tolkien Companion
  • Author: J.E.A. Tyler
  • ISBN: 9780312570668
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None
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      J.E.A. Tyler

    1 Blog on “The New Tolkien Companion

    1. Horace Derwent says:

    2. Johnny says:

      my concordance while growing through high school.

    3. Patricia says:

      Excellent source for information on the background and elements of LOR.

    4. Aleina says:

      I was sooo lost when I started this and wellI guess it s not exactly a book you just randomly decide to read It s built like a dictionary and it s supposed to help you understand things in Tolkien s books that you didn t understand or had forgotten It was really really good in that way, and after I had made it through the B s I had figured out remembered most of the Lord of the Rings series and was quite pleased to have finished it Good to have if you ever wanted to totally understand the enitre [...]

    5. Michael Joosten says:

      Written in 1976 and revised after the publication of The Silmarillion, Tyler s work is basically just a Middle earth encyclopaedia, a fairly comprehensive one, and a better in terms of accuracy than contemporary work by David Day Nonetheless, the book has been rendered dated by the release of Unfinished Tales and everything since , and is less authoritative than Hammond and Scull s Reader s Guide to the Lord of the Rings.

    6. Baron Greystone says:

      It s dry It s a huge index Is it comprehensive I suppose so Is it inspiring Not so much I don t think it compares well to the various appendices to Return of the King, though, which I enjoyed very much All in all, a handy reference, I suppose, but there may be better out there.

    7. Paul says:

      Not as comprehensive as Robert Foster s Complete Guide to Middle Earth but still a handy reference volume

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