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The Wayward Apprentice
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The Wayward Apprentice Stephen Attebrook a crippled knight facing poverty and ruin seems condemned to a quiet life when he takes a position as deputy coroner in the small town of Ludlow But instead he plunges into a web
  • Title: The Wayward Apprentice
  • Author: Jason Vail
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Stephen Attebrook, a crippled knight facing poverty and ruin, seems condemned to a quiet life when he takes a position as deputy coroner in the small town of Ludlow But instead, he plunges into a web of murder and intrigue A death Attebrook rules an accidental drowning turns out to be a murder, and he must find the killer with little evidence pointing the way Then a comStephen Attebrook, a crippled knight facing poverty and ruin, seems condemned to a quiet life when he takes a position as deputy coroner in the small town of Ludlow But instead, he plunges into a web of murder and intrigue A death Attebrook rules an accidental drowning turns out to be a murder, and he must find the killer with little evidence pointing the way Then a commission to return a runaway apprentice pitches him into the midst of a conflict between a rebellious earl and King Henry III that is about to erupt into civil war Caught up in the twilight struggle among spies readying for war, Attebrook races to defend the apprentice against a charge of murder while dodging killers in the employ of one of the factions Thirteenth century England has never been brought vividly to life than in the pages of The Wayward Apprentice.
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      Jason Vail

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    1. Karen says:

      I enjoyed this medieval mystery set in the 13th century England, and I plan of reading in this series Stephen Attebrook is a knight returned from Spain where his foot was cut off , basically poor and needing work He is given the position of Deputy Coroner where he puts his soldier experience to good use I also really enjoyed the side characters.

    2. P. Christopher Colter says:

      This book was okay I have to admit that I only picked it up because it was billed as similar to The Unquiet Bones by Mel Starr, which I loved, and it was only 99 cents.I won t go over the details of the plot, other than to say it is the story of a washed up knight named Stephen in medieval England who is now making his way in the world as deputy coroner in a small village When some murders occur in his jurisdiction, Stephen sees a connection and takes it upon himself to solve them.The period det [...]

    3. Mel Fouch says:

      I had never heard of this author before from a quick Google I think he usually writes non fiction but I like historical whodunits and it was under a for the Kindle so I thought I d give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised.It s a fairly gritty portrayal of the period it s set in, which I think is probably the best approach when writing a murder mystery they really don t lend themselves to coziness and the main character has a darkly numerous outlook on life which is quite engaging and again fi [...]

    4. Annie Thompson says:

      Great read with lots of action Well fleshed out and like able characters with an engaging plot Wonderful use of imagery I was on the edge of my seat a few times

    5. Sheri says:

      A Knight s Tale Meets Sherlock HolmesA very well written and intriguing story You quickly fall in love with the main character and his sidekick Well worth the read

    6. S. W. says:

      Typos annoying Great book, but needed better proofreading Typos annoying Great book, but needed better proofreading Great book, but needed better proofreading Just sloppy errors are noticeable The writer is good and this was surprising because he s usually polished.

    7. stefani westfall says:

      Fun storyI enjoyed this story because it was funny, fast paced and had good character development I also liked how the book didn t cost half a fortune.

    8. Karen Brooks says:

      Recommended to me by a good friend after I placed a social media call out for books set in medieval times that I haven t read it s becoming harder , I purchased The Wayward Apprentice by Jason Vail, not really knowing what to expect At 99 cents on , it s beyond a bargain and, I have to say here as both a writer and reader , that it astonishes me that books can be sold so cheaply especially when you consider the labour and love, the research and time that goes into the production never mind the f [...]

    9. Jen says:

      The Girl in the Ice is the first book I read in the Stephen Attebrook series by Jason Vail I liked it, but it wasn t a book that I loved It is the latest in the series, and it appears that this one of those series that need to be read in order I decided to begin at the beginning.I found The Wayward Apprentice, the first in the series and discovered that I liked it much better than The Girl in Ice Was it because I already had some familiarity with the main characters Or is it really a better book [...]

    10. Marv says:

      I found this book quite enjoyable The characters and plot were well done I would ve gladly given it a four star rating, but I was annoyed by the poor proofreading and copy editing For example, not just once, but twice, the word principle was used, instead of the correct word principal Worse, there was one other occurrence of confusion of homonyms There were sentences with missing words or doubled words Still worse, there was one instance where the word used was somewhat similar to what seemed wo [...]

    11. Tisha says:

      A medieval mystery set in 13th century England, focusing on Stephen Attebrook, a knight fallen on hard times after losing a foot during battle with the Moors He ends up in a small village as the deputy coroner and immediately becomes embroiled in a drowning murder He has a great sidekick in Gilbert and the relationship b w Gilbert and Edith is fun without diverting from the story.This is a light, fun book It isn t meant to be a treatise on medieval history, merely a fun book with a not too convo [...]

    12. Susan Johnson says:

      This book takes place in 1262 when a poor knight takes the job of deputy coroner in Ludlow He was injured in battle with the Moors and is just scraping by He goes out to investigate a death apparently by drowning and discovera a murder I thought it was great that the jury comes out to the place of death and views the body Talk about immediate justice.As he investigates this murder, he takes the case of finding a run away apprentice As he juggles the two cases, he must fight off attackers and fin [...]

    13. Francis Mulhern says:

      Vail writes in a very simplisitic fashion, yet still manages to develop good characters Stephen Atterbrook is a down on his luck Knight returned from Spain and living at a local Inn in Ludlow He takes up the case of a wayward apprentice which leads to a series of events and murder which all intertwine in what becomes a good story.Atterbrook has a past, and is portrayed as someone who had a lot and lost it all His grumpy attitude, his position in life and his quick witted remarks especially with [...]

    14. Gigi says:

      Very interesting story.familiar some how I read a lot of historical fiction This reminds me a bit of Ariana Franklin s book series, that begins with The Mistress of the Art of Death a superb book But this book is not as dark, or in depth If reading a murder mystery set in 1262 England could be called a light read, this book may be it Which of course does not diminish the enjoyment of the book, but merely puts it in context There is much that can be expounded upon in later books further detail an [...]

    15. V says:

      In this medieval mystery, a young knight Attebrook begins his career as a coroner, encountering multiple unexplained deaths The action begins quickly and the initial mystery is laid out clearly, but before long the story takes on many twists Although not confusing, the multiple twists and red herrings leave the reader wondering whodunit until the very end Once the multiple mysteries are solved, and the reader expects the denouement, the action continues with one last breathtaking scene before a [...]

    16. Lyn Hood says:

      I read this four book series backwards this is the first of the lot The Wayward Apprentice introduces the character of Stephen Attebrook, a knight who recently lost 1 2 his foot, his fortune, and his wife in Spain The description of the effect of these events have for a man living in 12th century England, what it means to be a younger son of a landed family, and the attitudes and daily life for such a man is as interesting as the main story I enjoy how the author has obviously researched the tim [...]

    17. Robert Davidson says:

      The Wayward Apprentice has an unadorned opening, with an undefined, underlying menace that bodes well for the reader The prose is graphic and optimally captures the ambience of medieval Ludlow and its environs The characters develop into three dimensional players, with intriguing but human defects that add to the realism of the work, and the plot, while not convoluted, holds the reader s interest One minor observation is that the prose could be tightened on occasion but only marginally and this [...]

    18. Lexie Conyngham says:

      A slow start but then well paced, this 13th century crime novel is very different from Priscilla Royal s Wine of Violence which I read last week This is very violent the fights are well written, convincing and technical but not particularly dark, amusing and in places bawdy There are some typos and one or two historical inaccuracies, but this was an enjoyable book and I hope to read of the series.

    19. Lesley says:

      I enjoy historical fiction and mysteries, so thought I d give this book a go I liked the characters, the plot moved along at a good pace and there was enough of a medieval feel to make me believe in it I can t say it s the best of its kind but it was a good enough read, especially for it s low kindle price, but I did think the author should have used a decent proof reader before publishing I would read in the series if I found them at the same price.

    20. Susan says:

      Its September 1262 and Sir Stephen Attebrook and just been appointed as deputy coroner for Ludlow, a town in Herefordshire When he is required with his clerk Gilbert Wistwode to investigate his first death that of Patrick Carter.I liked the main character of Attebrook, and the other players which help him, and its a good mystery So I shall be looking out for the next in the series to see how all these characters develop.

    21. George says:

      A Stephen Attebrook mystery set in September, 1262 in the small town of Ludlow, England Attebrook is an impoverished crippled lost part of a foot fighting in Spain who is seeking to earn a merger living by taking the position of deputy coroner Attebrook rules that a death is an accidental drowning which turns out to be a murder, and he must find the killer with little evidence pointing the way The case quickly becomes much complicated involving a run away apprentice and intrigue.

    22. Roy Rogers says:

      solid book i generally dislike historical fiction but enjoyed this one a good deal very well done action sequences and a very good pseudo noir character avoids many of the exhausting trappings pitfalls of the genre it plays with historical fiction, noir, etc could use some serious editing, but the mistakes do not make the book unreadable by any meansso it is.99 cents on kindle and thus is very much worth your money.

    23. Peggy says:

      I was able to choose a free book from the Kindle lending library for the month of December This one looked interesting as I love historical fiction It s a medieval mystery set in England I gave it 2 stars since I liked the historical details I didn t rate it higher as the story seemed to lag at times Plus I never really cared a lot for the main character.

    24. Mo says:

      A short book set in 13th century England I had very little knowledge of that period of history, bearing in mind that it was a foreign country then It gave me a little insight to the times and history of that period Stephen Attebrook has taken up a post as the King s coroner and finds himself investigating a series of murders.A quick easy and enjoyable read which I read in one sitting.

    25. Mrs Jennifer Ann Shoesmith says:

      Well researched historical novel written in modern language This threw me a bit The characters are a bit thin compared to some other authors, but it is a nice easy read with nothing against it and quite a bit for it.The whole series is the same and can be read in serial form, which does make them a good friend when you aren t feeling great and have time on your

    26. C says:

      FunThe story line is cliche but the characters are well drawn and likeable The tale of the injured knight who has been disowned and must now make a living could be fleshed out Perhaps the next in the series will do that The plot was rather simple but held together with the facts.

    27. Dennis M says:

      A good read that could use an editor s touch at some points, not enough to mar the flow, but an occasional stumble Another discovery from the Kindle Unlimited list.Interesting characters and settings, nice period detail Plot is a bit hard to follow occasionally, becomes easier as one becomes familiar with the characters.I will try the second in the series at some point.

    28. Nancy McLaughlin says:

      Good historical mysteryHas a lot of historical detail a pretty good mystery Typos were annoying, though Just as I was getting really engrossed in the story, I would stumble over a typo After sorting out what the sentence really meant, the rhythm of the story was gone I enjoyed the book enough that I will check out the second book in the series hope for less typos

    29. Alison says:

      I picked this up because it was dirt cheap, and the period setting is a good one The book has strong elements a grittier look at life than medieval crime often engages with, and some distinctly drawn characters Probably the biggest strength is the loose intersection of the plot with the political intrigue leading up to the civil war However, the book isn t the most memorable.

    30. P. says:

      An oddly ahistorical tale of a tattered knight trying to get a foothold in a dangerous world The writing is simple and sometimes clunky, the characters a bit vaguely limned, the hero, Attebrook, in the throes of existential angst in a good way now that he s fallen, and the plot rambles But a decent, non taxing read none the less.

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