Julie Merberg Suzanne Bober
In the Garden with Van Gogh
August 11, 2019 Comments.. 445
In the Garden with Van Gogh With a narrative that will entertain art lovers of all ages this new board book is a fun way to introduce young children to fine art The sleepy trees golden haystacks and juicy fruits of In the Gar
  • Title: In the Garden with Van Gogh
  • Author: Julie Merberg Suzanne Bober
  • ISBN: 9780811834155
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Board Book
  • With a narrative that will entertain art lovers of all ages, this new board book is a fun way to introduce young children to fine art The sleepy trees, golden haystacks, and juicy fruits of In the Garden with Van Gogh will delight little ones Playful rhyming texts accompany the artists timeless paintings in this little masterpiece.
    • [E-Book] ✓ Free Read ✓ In the Garden with Van Gogh : by Julie Merberg Suzanne Bober ✓
      Julie Merberg Suzanne Bober

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    1. Ian Wood says:

      This is the complete review as it appears at my blog dedicated to reading, writing no rithmatic , movies, TV Blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog review be replicated here Graphic and children s reviews on the blog typically feature two or three images from the book s interior, which are not reproduced here.Note that I don t really do stars To me a book is either worth reading or it isn t I can t rate it three fifths worth [...]

    2. Connie says:

      I have a few of the books in the series On the plus side, I really like the concept picture books introducing famous artists to young children What could be cooler than that Unfortunately, I don t like the writing that much Prose would be perfectly suited for these pictures, but instead the author keeps trying to write it in rhyme, and it falls very flat The whole thing seems trite, and a lot of the rhymes and meter end up sounding forced.I d still be buying the books, despite this, because I li [...]

    3. Jaclyn says:

      This is one book in a series that introduces children to the great art masters It shows a few pieces around 10 from the artist and pairs it with rhyming phrases These books were fun to read and, obviously, great to look at They come in board book form and are on the smaller side so they are great for little hands, but even my older children loved looking through them One semi negative comment I have is that some of the phrases that accompany each painting tell the reader too much which doesn t l [...]

    4. Shanna Gonzalez says:

      It s nice to find a board book that introduces higher culture to very young children This one presents ten of Vincent Van Gogh s most famous paintings Sunflowers, Irises, Haystacks in Provence, Olive Grove, The Sower, The Reaper After Millet , First Steps After Millet , Women Picking Olives, The Siesta, and The Starry Night along with simple, rhyming text This could be a great addition to a toddler s library, but the text is very choppy, bringing the ideas in the paintings together very loosely [...]

    5. Rochelle Sondae says:

      The images are Van Gogh so they aren t really the best for newborns however I really like the idea of immersing children with as much variety as possible and grounding them with the classics so I often recommend this and other titles in the series for baby showers I also personally abhor the idea that every child must have Goodnight Moon so I m always looking for alternatives The value in this series is, of course, the artwork and secondly the catchy rhymes that accompany the masters Once the ch [...]

    6. Shannon Dunn says:

      The perfect introduction for my little one, to my favorite artist Van Gogh.

    7. Elizabeth Mcdonough says:

      This book has a different Van Gogh painting on each page Along with a painting is a rhyming text that uses imagery to describe the paintings This book is great because it uses famous paintings to help develop a knowledge of imagery.The back of the book also gives information on each of the paintings in the book when it was done, the title, where it is located now museum.

    8. Jenni Wilson says:

      This board book and others in set, is wonderful for reading to toddlers and preschoolers It has catchy, rhythmic verse, along with pictures of great works of art I tracked down and bought the whole set We ve all learned to recognize art that we weren t familiar with before Highly recommended.

    9. Aletheia Ubben says:

      I liked how the text on each page explained something about the picture, which encourages further reflection and observation Aletheia s review So you can open and close the cover as many times as you want, and the words are still there Interesting

    10. Marie says:

      This series of board books has lyrical, rhyming text that s not bouncy or goofy, but leads the reader through a series of paintings by a famous artist Four of the titles are also available as a boxed set a great present for a first birthday

    11. Yazir Paredes says:

      Nice little book about Van Gogh complemented with phrases My 5 year old daughter just loved it I had shower some paintings of Van Gogh a few months before and when she saw the book she clearly remembered them and was impressed by other paintings in the book Great to promote creativity.

    12. Vincent says:

      one of my first reads

    13. Artlab says:

      Introduction to Van Gogh s work for young children.

    14. Hope L. Justice says:

      This book is really about showcasing the topics of romanticism It would have been wonderful if the plot hadn t tried so hard to make a tight wrapped neatly nursery poem It felt really disjointed.

    15. Marisa says:

      there is a whole series of board books with paintings and my 3 year old loves the all this is the 3rd or 4th time she has gotten the van gogh one from the library.

    16. Janelle says:

      One of my favorites in the series There is of a common theme amongst Van Gogg s paintings The accompanying text touches young colors, counting and identifying flowers.

    17. Larissa Langsather says:

      Average good board book for babies

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